The Future of Food, Food Systems and the Human Prospect in a Post-COVID World | EV&N 350


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Post-COVID planning for a stable global food system will be critical. We can neither afford nor survive current petro-dependent food strategies in reconstructing our broken global food system in the post-COVID world.

For the historical and cultural background to the evolution of the “plantation economics” which emerged from the experience of colonial agriculture and subsequently developed in global petro-intensive agriculture see:

There are many alternatives to the legacy of petro-intensive agriculture that emerged from the “plantation economics” at the core of our current world food system.  In contrast to the “extractive” and machine-driven “production” metaphors that dominate industrial agriculture the multiplicity of new models for agriculture are based on the restoring integrity to the bio-geological systems at the heart a sustainable ecosystem.

Efforts to promote regenerative agriculture and restorative agriculture emphasize the central importance of restoring and protecting biodiversity and restructuring rational water and soil management practices.  Drawing on a wide variety of social and civil society movements for the restoration of healthy diets and stable food systems, people engaged in this workd have focused upon and building natural soil fertility and carbon sequestration with a variety of land management, composting, integrated pet management and crop-rotational techniques.

The works and inspiration of Vandana Shiva have been particularly central to much of this work because of her emphasis upon “soil, not oil” as the basis for re-conceiving the organization of global agriculture.

People whose work has been seminal in establishing the importance of alternatives to petro-intensive agriculture include:

In addition, “The Food Tank” has drawn up a useful list of groups engaged in restorative agriculture as well as other alternatives to the petro-intensive industrial global food system.  See:

See related:

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