Trump Reportedly Asked Spain to Build 3,000-Mile Wall Across Sahara Desert

Sep 21, 2018

Spain’s foreign minister has revealed President Trump recently urged Spain to build a wall across the Sahara desert in Africa to stop the flow of asylum seekers from Africa. Spain—which does not control any land in the Sahara desert—pushed back on the idea. Trump then reportedly said, “The Sahara border can’t be bigger than our border with Mexico.” In fact, the Sahara stretches for about 3,000 miles from Mauritania and occupied Western Sahara on the Atlantic to Sudan in the east. The U.S.-Mexico border is roughly 2,000 miles long. The second-longest wall in the world already exists in Africa. Morocco built a 1,700-mile wall or berm in occupied Western Sahara, dividing Sahrawis who remain under occupation from those who fled into exile. To see Democracy Now’s special documentary, “Four Days in Occupied Western Sahara—A Rare Look Inside Africa’s Last Colony,” click here.


One Year After Hurricane Maria, Puerto Rico Remains in Crisis

Sep 21, 2018

On Thursday, the White House marked the first anniversary of Hurricane Maria slamming into Puerto Rico by issuing a press release claiming the Trump administration has helped lead a historic recovery effort in Puerto Rico. But for many people in Puerto Rico, the recovery has barely begun, and much of the blame has been focused on FEMA. Earlier this month it was revealed that more than 2,000 Puerto Ricans applied for funeral assistance after the storm—FEMA approved just 75 of the applications. Residents say FEMA has also refused to help them after they lost nearly everything in the storm.

Trump Admin Diverts $266 Million from Social Programs to Pay for Detaining Children

Sep 21, 2018

The Department of Health and Human Services is diverting up to $266 million from other programs to help pay for detaining the skyrocketing number of imprisoned children. Targeted programs include the National Cancer Institute, the Ryan White HIV/AIDS program, Head Start, the National Institutes of Health, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other refugee support programs.

Obama Compares Trump Presidency To Dictatorships

Introducing The Climate & Security Podcast

Published on Sep 6, 2018

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Sea level rise & security in South Carolina: Implications for Military and Civilian Communities

The Center for Climate and Security  Streamed live on Aug 7, 2018

Sea level rise & security in South Carolina: Implications for Military and Civilian Communities

Sea Level Rise and the US Military’s Mission – Center for Climate and Security

The Center for Climate and Security
Published on Nov 15, 2016

The Center for Climate and Security, Sept 14, 2016: Five senior retired flag officers from across the U.S. military’s service branches discuss the results of a new Center for Climate and Security publication: “Military Expert Panel Report: Sea Level Rise and the U.S. Military’s Mission.” The panel was held at the first annual Climate and National Security Forum at the Reserve Officers Association in Washington, DC. For more, see:
Center for Climate and Security.
Military Expert Panel Report

Report Brochure
Full Report: Military Expert Panel Report: Sea Level Rise and the U.S. Military’s Mission