Donald Trump is not a believer in global warming


Published on May 11, 2016

But he believes there is weather.

A Trump Presidency And The Future Of Climate Change | TIME


Published on Nov 15, 2016

Donald Trump has repeatedly indicated that environmentalism is not his priority. Now, Climate scientists, policymakers and diplomats are questioning how his presidency will shape the future of climate change policy.

Are World Water Wars Coming?


Published on Apr 16, 2015

Around 60% more food will be needed to feed the world’s growing population by 2050 and with the demand for water set to increase by 55% water supplies in less developed countries are under severe threat as agriculture tries to meet that demand, according to a United Nations Report. We look at the story on the Lip News with Jo Ankier and John Fenoglio.


World water supply and future problems (from Blue Gold:World Water Wars)


Published on Jun 13, 2013

A fragment of this great documentary on the available 3% freshwater worldwide and all problems associated with the use and abuse connected to this resource. This segment deals with the future situations as human population keep increasing and more and more water is needed for consumption, crops, factories, and so on. After all, almost everything needs water!

The Blue Gold: Life Without Water – World Documentaries

World Documentaries

Published on Sep 13, 2016

The Blue Gold: Life Without Water – World Documentaries

Water is a transparent fluid which forms the world’s streams, lakes, oceans and rain and is the major constituent of the fluids of organisms. A water molecule …

Human Extinction: A Must-See Documentary – World Documentaries

World Documentaries

Published on Sep 14, 2016

Human Extinction: A Must-See Documentary – World Documentaries

In future studies, human extinction is the hypothetical end of the human species. In the near future, anthropogenic extinction scenarios have been proposed: …

NASA Warns Of Mass Extinction If We Don’t Fix Climate Change

The Young Turks

Published on Aug 30, 2016

NASA is sounding the alarms about climate change. Again. Will anyone in power listen this time? Cenk Uygur and Ana Kasparian, hosts of The Young Turks, break it down. Tell us what you think in the comment section below.

“The planet is warming at a pace not experienced within the past 1,000 years, at least, making it “very unlikely” that the world will stay within a crucial temperature limit agreed by nations just last year, according to Nasa’s top climate scientist.

This year has already seen scorching heat around the world, with the average global temperature peaking at 1.38C above levels experienced in the 19th century, perilously close to the 1.5C limit agreed in the landmark Paris climate accord. July was the warmest month since modern record keeping began in 1880, with each month since October 2015 setting a new high mark for heat.

“In the last 30 years we’ve really moved into exceptional territory,” Gavin Schmidt, director of Nasa’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies, said. “It’s unprecedented in 1,000 years. There’s no period that has the trend seen in the 20th century in terms of the inclination (of temperatures).””*

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