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This weblog provides links to information about the transitions that will be required as the impact of global climate change registers in the daily lives of those in Boston, New England the world.  Some of the programs linked here are excerpted (from 2009 onward) from the  Cambridge Community Television webcast of the weekly live programs presented by Cambridge Climate Research Associates (CCRA).    These video episodes are made available here as part of  the Citizen-Science Online Learning Initiative (CSOLI)  which conducts on-site and online training on the social, economic and ecological implications of climate change and climate vulnerability in the United States and around the world.

For a more detailed directory to resources see:

The seminar series on “Climate Vulnerability” — offered as part of the Beacon Hill Seminar program in March and April of 2018 — provides an overview of the kind of online and on-site programs that are being developed and adapted to the needs of individual institutions, corporations, school systems and municipalities as they are each working to develop resilience strategies to adjust to climate change.

For further information on climate issues see:  ~  Boston Climate News  ~  Accounts of Official Documents & Reports

and  ~   Climate Boston – (Themes for thought, discussion and action…)

as well as the Seminar on:

In this  Seminar participants will ask themselves:





as well as:


And YouTube Channel:



Follow these issues with other citizen climate action resources at:

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