– An Overview of Concerns about Boston and Climate Change


We examine the transitions that will be required as the impact of global climate change registers in the daily lives of those in Boston, New England the world.  The programs are excerpted here from 2009 onward from the  Cambridge Community Television webcast of live programs presented by Cambridge Climate Research Associates (CCRA).

These video episodes are made available as part of  the Citizen-Science Online Learning Initiative (CSOLI)  which conducts on-site and online training on the social, economic and ecological implications of climate change and climate vulnerability in the United States and around the world.   The seminar series on “Climate Vulnerability” — offered by the Beacon Hill Seminar program in March and April of 2018 — provides an overview of the kind of online and on-site programs that can be developed and adapted to individual institutional needs.

Explore further information through:

Accounts of Official Documents & Reports    ~


and “Citizen-Science” course: Climate Vulnerability: Responding to Earth’s Changing Climate




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