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“Trump Is Criminality Personified”: Rev. William Barber on Protecting the Vote & Mobilizing the Poor

Democracy Now! Published on Sep 14, 2020 With less than two months before November, the Poor People’s Campaign has launched a push to register tens of millions of poor and low-income voters, who could decide the fate of the election. … Continue reading

A New Look at Old Maps: The Islands, the “Prior Plantations” and the Provisioning of the African Maritime Trade | EV & N 359 | CCTV YouTube Version A close and careful reading of historical maps can be used to reveal under-studied — but, nonetheless, very important — details about the African slave trade over time. See related: See related: Before 1620… Before 1619…: … Continue reading

The Atlantic Trade and Africa: The Portuguese, the Spanish & the Dutch – Part 2 | EV & N 358 | CCTV YouTube Version European trade with Africa emerged as an aspect of the Asia trade, by the 16th century it came to focus upon the export of slaves as a high value-to-weight commodity to the labor-scarce plantations that began … Continue reading

What Can We Learn from Old Maps of Africa? Part 1 – The Royal Moment | EV & N – 357 | CCTV YouTube Version Europeans began mapping Africa in earnest from the the 15th century onward as an aspect of seeking to expand, consolidate and protect their trade in valuable spices with Asia.  The history of the European cartography of … Continue reading

Norman B. Leventhal Map & Education Center

Our Mission The Norman B. Leventhal Map & Education Center at the Boston Public Library shall inspire curiosity and learning, and foster geographic perspectives on the relationships between people and places, through free and accessible collections and resources, critical interpretation … Continue reading

Flooding on James Island: Webinar and Q&A with Dr. Steve Emerman

AGU Aug 19, 2020 In this webinar, Dr. Emerman shares the results of his study, “Potential impact of new urban development on flooding on James Island, Charleston, South Carolina.” This report was prepared at the request of concerned residents with … Continue reading

Commerce and Cartography on Colonial Frontiers: Reexamining American & African History ~ through Maps | EV&N 356 | CCTV YouTube Version The digitization of rare historical maps now makes it possible to conduct comparative colonial history with scarce primary sources which previously had highly restricted availability.  Digital map and manuscript collections are becoming increasingly accessible online including … Continue reading


Memory, Myth and Moral Authority: Recalling Images of the Past in Times of Crisis | EV&N – 355 | CCTV YouTube Version Some images of the past that live in memory can help us understand the present, but we need to learn how they were constructed. This is video was created on 8 August 2020 for and broadcast … Continue reading

Sea Monsters on Medieval & Renaissance Maps

Library of Congress 140K subscribers A discussion on the representations of sea monsters on medieval and Renaissance maps. Speaker Biography: Chet Van Duzer, a fellow at the John Carter Brown Library, is an independent scholar focusing on the history of … Continue reading


Learning and Teaching World History in a Time of Global Crisis | EV & N 354 | CCTV YouTube Version In the face of the global crises of climate change and permanent pandemic the human community needs now to forge new narratives of World History. “We had fed the heart on fantasies; The heart’s grown brutal … Continue reading