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After the Green Revolution Who “Owns” Agriculture? The Fatal Mistake of Misplaced Market Metaphors | EV & N 386 | CCTV YouTube Version By treating agriculture as an industry, humankind is being guided by a misplaced metaphor that could prove fatal for them in the ecosystem. See related: The “Green Revolution:” Its Essence, Achievements & Aftermathand Some Troubling Chapters in … Continue reading

Nothing Can Grow Forever – Bill Shireman & Trammelll Crow

Facing Future Published on Feb 3, 2021 Trammell Crow & Bill Shireman join Dale and Stuart for a lively exploration of where we agree and disagree concerning the political-economics of the climate and ecological mess humanity is making of the … Continue reading

The “Green Revolution,” AGRA & the African Agricultural Narrative YouTube Version The “Alliance for the Green Revolution in Africa” (AGRA) has promoted petro-dependent agriculture in Africa though the use of high-response varieties of seeds and and the distribution of government-subsidized artificial fertilizers . It is failing to … Continue reading

Alternatives to “Green Revolution” Technology for Long-Term Agricultural Sustainability & Survival | EV & N 381 | CCTV YouTube Version Current forms of petro-intensive agriculture derived from “Green Revolution” technology are suicidal for the collective human community.   Fortunately, alternative forms of restorative and regenerative agriculture are available and now need to become widely adopted throughout the … Continue reading

The “Green Revolution:” Its Essence, Achievements & Aftermath

The “Green Revolution” developed largely as a result of the vision and leadership of Norman Borlaug and his supporters, collaborators and followers.  This revolution drastically changed the premise and organization of agriculture in human history.  In a record short period … Continue reading

Revealing the True Donald Trump: A Devastating Indictment of His Business & Life (2016)

The Film Archives Oct 3, 2017 Trump Revealed: An American Journey of Ambition, Ego, Money, and Power is a biography of Donald Trump, written by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher. More on the book:…​ It was first published in … Continue reading

The Rise and Forthcoming Demise of Petro-Intensive Agriculture – Some Elements of The Scientific Critique | EV & N 379 | CCTV YouTube Version See related background material: The “Green Revolution:” Its Essence, Achievements & Aftermath Keynote Dr Vandana Shiva | Soil Not Oil Virtual Conference 2020

The Mythology of the Green Revolution | EV & N 380 | CCTV YouTube Version Myths about “Green Revolution” abound, but there is one sobering reality that emerges in assessing the impact of the Green Revolution that was neither fully anticipated nor is it welcome.  In a record short period of … Continue reading

Misplaced Metaphors in the Anthropocene: Beware of the Devastating Power of Cultural Clichés & Misconstrued Metaphors on a Small Planet

In a short volume published decades ago entitled Metaphors We Live By, George Lakoff and Mark Johnson drew our attention to the fact that most of us, most of the time manage to make our way through life and make … Continue reading

Industrial evolution: Can the Green Deal empower business & consumer change? | Euronews Debates

euronews (in English) 15 February 2021 The Green Deal is a set of EU policy initiatives for achieving climate neutrality by 2050, while strengthening Europe’s economic competitiveness and establishing the EU as a global leader in tackling climate change. Goals … Continue reading