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The Collapse of Public Leadership and the Rise of a Citizen-Scientist Alliance for Climate Survival | EV & N 288 | CCTV YouTube Version Political leaders have failed their citizens in virtually countries across the world in the face of humanity’s most pressing crisis. Now citizens and scientists are beginning to build new civic alliances to make plans for the … Continue reading

Boston Climate & Sea-Level Update

Boston was founded — like many other cities in the post-Columbian world after 1492 — on an estuary along the coastline of eastern North America at the convergence of several river systems that drain into the Atlantic ocean.  It was … Continue reading

Boston Climate & Sea-Level Update – October 2018

While in the autumn of 2018 the Boston area and New England in general have been enjoying some of the most comfortable weather in years, this hasn’t been the pattern for all of the coastal U.S. or elsewhere in the … Continue reading

Pre-Release Preview & Discussion: DECODING THE WEATHER MACHINE | Harvard University Center for the Environment

Wednesday, April 4, 2018 – Pre-Release Preview & Discussion: Decoding the Weather Machine The Harvard University Center for the Environment and the WGBH Science Series NOVA host a special sneak preview event featuring clips from upcoming NOVA film, Decoding the … Continue reading

Living on the Edge in a Climate Changed World: Anticipating Extreme Weather, Tsunamis and Sea-Level Rise | EV & N 287 | CCTV YouTube Version Humans are becoming what demographers call a “marginal” species, choosing increasingly to live near to the edges — or “margins” — of continents.   This collective behavior is a prescription for repeated devastation in the changing … Continue reading

The State, The Military and The Global Climate Crisis: The U.S. Military Has Taken the Lead on Climate Change, But What Happens Next? | EV & N – 286 | CCTV YouTube Version The U.S. military has understood the science and social implications of climate change more thoroughly than the the Commander-in-Chief or the U.S. Congress — both of whom it has to answer to, on the one hand … Continue reading

Sea level rise & security in South Carolina: Implications for Military and Civilian Communities

The Center for Climate and Security  Streamed live on Aug 7, 2018 Sea level rise & security in South Carolina: Implications for Military and Civilian Communities

UNDP Released Human Development Index & other topics – Daily Briefing (14 September 2018)

United Nations Published on Sep 14, 2018 Daily Press Briefing: Trip Announcement, South Sudan, DPRK, Philippines, Zimbabwe, Colombia/Venezuela, UN Migration Agency (IOM), UNDP, International Days, Honour Roll Briefing by Farhan Haq, Deputy Spokesperson for the Secretary-General.

Climate Change Supercharges Hurricane Florence as 1.5 Million Evacuate in Carolinas & Virginia

Democracy Now! Published on Sep 11, 2018 – More than 1.5 million people have been ordered to evacuate the coasts of Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina as Hurricane Florence continues to gain strength as it barrels toward the … Continue reading

Agriculture, Topsoil and the Ecology of Colonialism | EV & N – 285 | CCTV YouTube Version The structure of extractive agriculture reflected in the “land-grabs” that have become a world-wide phenomena is not sustainable. Colonialism once took the form of outright invasion by one powerful state against weaker regions of the world. … Continue reading