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Devastating New Proposals Endanger Vulnerable Species (including ourselves) | EV & N – 283 | CCTV See YouTube Version The policies of Trump, Pruitt and Zinke have been to designed to reward billionaire friends in the extractivist sector, ignoring public health, welfare or even its survival.  The “economic benefit” that is now supposed to … Continue reading

Drilling, Spilling & Killing: America’s “All-of-the-Above” Energy Policy | EV & N – 86 | CCTV

YouTube Version See also: Extractivism and the New Activism: Will the U.S. Become a “Pariah State?”

Buyer Beware, Citizens Beware: New Threats to The Environment, Your Health and Survival Under the Trump Administration | EV & N 282 | CCTV YouTube Version The systematic rollback of regulations that protect health and safety under Trump’s EPA is shocking and absolutely scandalous for the entire American public.

Climate Change & Sea-Level Rise – Some Vulnerable Areas in China – a tool to explore selected regions through Google Earth

Shenzhen Hong Kong:   You can explore in Google Earth/Web (linked through pictures above) the cities referred to by the New York Times: China’s Coastal Cities, Underwater – The New York Times  

Elders Climate Action (Massachusetts) with Grady McGonagill | EV & N – 281 | CCTV YouTube Version Eldeers Climate Action coordinates and mobilizes elder citizens to share their wisdom & experience to provide for a sustainable future. Click here for further video coverage.

Winning the Battle But Losing Time: Scott Pruitt is “out,” but Lost Time, Lost Opportunities, and Lost Hope Will Remain His Enduring Legacy to the World | EV & N – 280 | CCTV YouTube Series Version The destructive, anti-science and ideologically driven impact of Scott Pruitt’s sixteen months as Administrator of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) will be felt by all human societies in the coming decades and centuries. Click here … Continue reading

Boston Planning & Development Agency Meeting 06-14-18

Boston City TV Published on Jun 14, 2018 The Boston Planning & Development Agency Meeting (BPDA) is the municipal planning and development agency for the City of Boston, working on both housing and commercial developments. The Board of Directors meet … Continue reading

We cannot survive ‘business as usual’ because “If they carry out those business plans….the planet will simply break.” | EV & N 170 | CCTV YouTube Version Bill McKibben summed up the historical background and urgent trajectory of the fossil-fuel divestment movement world-wide in the speech in Stockholm Sweden upon receiving the Right Livelihood Award.

The UN, the UNA and Climate: Looking Ahead to Paris COP 21 in December 2015 | EV & N 176 | CCTV YouTube Version If the voice of youth is not heard and taken seriously in the COP 21 in Paris, there is little hope for humanity’s survival.  Young global citizens from around the world need to become engaged … Continue reading

The Great Leap Backwards: The Breathtaking Failure of U.S. Political Leadership on Global Climate Change | EV & N 175 | CCTV YouTube Version The U.S. Congress has demonstrated a truly shocking failure of leadership over the last 27 years on climate change.  This requires an explanation.