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Boston Planning & Development Agency Meeting 06-14-18

Boston City TV Published on Jun 14, 2018 The Boston Planning & Development Agency Meeting (BPDA) is the municipal planning and development agency for the City of Boston, working on both housing and commercial developments. The Board of Directors meet … Continue reading

We cannot survive ‘business as usual’ because “If they carry out those business plans….the planet will simply break.” | EV & N 170 | CCTV YouTube Version Bill McKibben summed up the historical background and urgent trajectory of the fossil-fuel divestment movement world-wide in the speech in Stockholm Sweden upon receiving the Right Livelihood Award.

The UN, the UNA and Climate: Looking Ahead to Paris COP 21 in December 2015 | EV & N 176 | CCTV YouTube Version If the voice of youth is not heard and taken seriously in the COP 21 in Paris, there is little hope for humanity’s survival. To download slides for Professor Weiskel‘s presentation click here: The UN, … Continue reading

The Great Leap Backwards: The Breathtaking Failure of U.S. Political Leadership on Global Climate Change | EV & N 175 | CCTV YouTube Version The U.S. Congress has demonstrated a truly shocking failure of leadership over the last 27 years on climate change.  This requires an explanation.

“…entangled in webs of endless deceit:” Part 2- Lying – A State Strategy of Distraction | EV & N 279 | CCTV YouTube Version Lying has become a strategy of the state in order to amuse, befuddle and distract the public from seeing what is occurring to them and confuse them about how they might act to protect themselves.. … Continue reading

“…entangled in webs of endless deceit:” Part 1-The “Big Stick” and t he “Big Lie” | EV & N 278 | CCTV YouTube Version “We live entangled in webs of endless deceit.” (Chomsky, 1988). US Government & corporations systematically spin lies to deceive the public in order to pursue specific policies, transfer funds from taxpayers to favored contractors and generally … Continue reading

NOVA & The Struggle for the Control of Science in the Public Mind — “ Major Funding is Provided by…” who? | EV & N 277 | CCTV YouTube link For lack of funding, laboratory equipment and textbooks, science education in high school depends on programs like the PBS program, NOVA, to effectively communicate science to teen audiences. . These programs are influenced by their … Continue reading

Teachers in Revolt: Meet the Educators in Kentucky & Oklahoma Walking Out over School Funding

Democracy Now! Published on Apr 4, 2018 – Schools across Oklahoma are closed today for a third day as teachers continue their strike demanding more funding for education and increased pay. Oklahoma’s public education budget has been slashed more … Continue reading

“…a Gift from God.” – Cowboys and “Revolutionaries” (and the problem of intergenerational ethics) | EV & N 275 | CCTV Through YouTube Channel Through the Yale-68 Playlist The case of unconventional fossil fuel extraction raises important questions of intergenerational ethics. Sustainable energy technologies — which should be adopted as soon as possible to assure coming generations of a safe … Continue reading


The Tragic Legacy of The Class of 1968: Carbon Fuels, Catabolic Climate Collapse and the Future of the Human Prospect | EV & N 276 | CCTV

In American colleges across the land the Class of 1968 experienced a tumultuous and traumatic time throughout its college years.  Some commentators argued at the time — and have ever since — that these experiences opened up the chance for … Continue reading