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Down on the Seed: Enabling the Business of Agriculture Enables Corporate Takeover | The Oakland Institute

Only six multinationals currently control over two-thirds of the industrial seed sales, and pending agro-industry mergers stand to further consolidate this oligopoly. Further market expansion for these corporations depends on the shrinking of farmer-managed seed systems, which currently provide 80 … Continue reading

Are World Water Wars Coming?

TheLipTV Published on Apr 16, 2015 Around 60% more food will be needed to feed the world’s growing population by 2050 and with the demand for water set to increase by 55% water supplies in less developed countries are under … Continue reading

One Urban Farmer

Tzu Chi USA 360 Published on Jan 17, 2017 In most of the American Northeast, people can’t get fresh greens during the winter, but thanks to urban farmers like Jonathan Bernard – who works for Square Roots, an “urban farming … Continue reading

Frontline Poisoned Waters

Lisa Edmonds Published on Dec 28, 2015 Food-Matters

PBS Frontline 2015 The Trouble with Chicken

Jim Mullins Published on Sep 19, 2016 Food-Matters

Empowering the Rural Poor (avec sous-titres)


Raised Bed Garden Tour and Tips at an Urban Homestead in LA


EPA to ban 72 ingredients from pesticides, but is it enough?


“Future of Food: Dictatorship or Democracy?” by Vandana Shiva

Julie Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability Published on May 25, 2016 October 30, 2014 | Dr. Vandana Shiva discusses how the future of the planet is intimately linked to the future of food, both because everyone must eat and … Continue reading

Small Scale Farmers Cool the Planet (full video)

Fair World Project Published on Apr 6, 2015 Fair World Project: “Small-Scale Farmers Cool the Planet.” A 17-minute documentary highlighting the role of industrial agriculture in climate change while expounding on how small farmers are combating the climate crisis through … Continue reading