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Be a food hero like Peter Rabbit!

United Nations Published on Jun 10, 2021 Peter Rabbit has joined forces with the United Nations (UN), the UN Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) and the UN Foundation to enlist more food heroes, like Peter, who see the value in … Continue reading

India farmers’ protest: Living on a highway in protest

BBC News– Jul 20, 2021 It’s been seven months since tens of thousands of farmers marched to the Indian capital, Delhi, in protest against agricultural reforms. Three new laws, which sought to increase the role of the private market in … Continue reading

The State of Food Security and Nutrition in the World 2021 | FAO | Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations

Latest issue: SOFI 2021 Transforming food systems for food security, improved nutrition and affordable healthy diets for all Digital report | Printable version [pdf] | In brief | E-book MOBI/E-PUB In recent years, several major drivers have put the world … Continue reading

Devastating Unrest | South African riots and looting lead to food shortages

RT 4.34M subscribers SUBSCRIBED Published on Jul 17, 2021 South Africans resort to panic buying after a week of some of the worst violence seen in the country in decades has left hundreds of shops ransacked and looted Food-matters

“No Soil. No Growing Seasons. Just Add Water and Technology:” The Recent Evolution & Tragic Trajectory of the World Food System | EV & N 398 | CCTV YouTube Version Human food systems are evolving simultaneously in two opposite directions on Earth.  One direction is evolving toward high-tech/petro-intensive agriculture.  The other direction is moving toward soil-restorative and solar sustainable techniques and technologies.  Only this second direction … Continue reading

Vandana Shiva – Two Paths to the Future of Food and Farming – EcoFarm 2020 Keynote

EcoFarmVideo– Feb 6, 2020 Dr. There are two paths to the future of our food and farming. The first path is made by walking with nature, co-creating and co-producing with sensitivity, intelligence and care with diverse species, the living earth … Continue reading

Agriculture and Food Security

World Economic Forum – Jan 29, 2016 Food-matters,

Meal Exchange – An Introduction to Food Security

Meal Exchange– Mar 2, 2011 2.7 million Canadians will experience household food insecurity at some point this year. Learn more about the state of hunger in Canada and what you can do to begin creating change in your community! Food-matters,

Acute hunger at five-year high, study warns, as famine looms for millions | World Food Programme

At least 155 million people in 55 countries faced acute hunger in 2020 — 20 million more than 2019, according to figures from the 2021 Global Report on Food Crises, released today. This marks a five-year high for people facing … Continue reading

‘People aren’t starving, they are being starved’: Humanitarian agencies is sue joint call for funds to avert famine | World Food Programme

International Council of Voluntary Agencies rallies Oxfam, Save the Children and 258 other organizations after World Food Programme’s warning on increasing levels of hunger 20 April 2021, By Peyvand Khorsandi Humanitarian agencies around the world have joined forces to warn … Continue reading