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COVID, Climate & Conflict Fueling Global Hunger as World Leaders at U.N. Urged to Take Action

Sep 21, 2022 An open letter signed by over 200 humanitarian groups calls on world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly to urgently take action on world hunger, citing that one person dies of hunger every four seconds. We … Continue reading

Somalia’s food insecurity

Sep 20, 2022 There is a real risk of many people dying from famine this year due to climate change, displacement, the effects of COVID-19 and the Ukraine-Russia conflict. In East Africa, crippling droughts have made food insecurity even worse. … Continue reading

Slaves in Italy? | DW Documentary

Jul 9, 2019 DW Documentary – Jul 9, 2019 Yvan Sagnet from Cameroon is battling modern slavery in Italy’s agricultural sector. Sagnet once worked as a low-wage farmhand. Now he is fighting for the rights of seasonal farmworkers, taking criminal … Continue reading

Climate change fuels food insecurity

CGTN America– Sep 13, 2022 Many parts of the United States have endured extreme heatwaves in recent weeks. The agriculture industry in particular, has faced crippling challenges as a result of record-high temperatures, drought and historically-low water supplies. Experts are … Continue reading

Ep. 06: Professor Kimberly Nicholas, ‘Regenerative is…Working With Nature’ – Alentejo Series

Sep 12 2022 Meet climate & wine scientist, Professor Kimberly Nicholas, as we discuss the urgency of the climate crisis & the need to scale up mitigation & adaptation in the wine industry & beyond to avoid catastrophic impacts of … Continue reading

Food prices skyrocketing in Argentina

Sep 12, 2022 Argentina is a major agricultural power. In 2021 the country became the world´s second largest producer of corn. It also remained in the top three main exporters of beef and soy. Authorities say Argentina produces enough food … Continue reading

Seeds for the future in Colombia

Sep 12, 2022 In the Cauca Valle, in central west Colombia, a research facility was designed to guard one of mankind’s most important treasures; seeds. Michelle Begue takes us to this “knowledge bank” preserving hundreds of thousands of seeds from … Continue reading

What Will Earth Look Like When These 6 Tipping Points Hit?

PBS Terra– Sep 6, 2022 Check out America Outdoors: Understory at PBS Member Stations rely on viewers like you. To support your local station, go to: A “tipping point” is when a system, with just a small amount … Continue reading

Can AGRA correct course? New plan offers big budget, few changes to address African food crisis | Tim Wise

On September 8, the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) released a new five-year strategy and a “rebranding.” As I report in Kenya’s The Nation, the new strategy promises more of the same, with little attention to farmers’ … Continue reading

Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa – AGRA

See related: The “Green Revolution:” Its Essence, Achievements & Aftermath Some Troubling Chapters in The Political Ecology & History of West African Agriculture Richard Manning – InterviewInterview of Richard Manning for the documentary “What a way to go – life … Continue reading