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COVID-19 Frontline Ep. 71: How has the pandemic changed the global food supply?

CGTN Jul 11, 2020 During the COVID-19 pandemic, countries closed their borders and restricted trade, meaning that risks are growing in the world’s complex food supply networks. The global crisis is challenging the security and effectiveness of food supplies globally … Continue reading

COVID-19 hunger | The virus is triggering a food crisis – Oxfam

RT Jul 11, 2020 The coronavirus continues its devastating impact on many fronts worldwide, claiming hundreds of thousands of lives, leaving millions jobless, and now threatening to cause starvation too, claims a new report by Oxfam. Food-matters,

Kathy Freston: We have to reduce the amount of meat that we eat

CGTN Jul 11, 2020 New York Times bestseller Kathy Freston: “If we took down every building in the entire world and returned everything to nature to grazing, we still would not have enough land to graze animals. We have to … Continue reading

Live: Netilogue full arable – food security after COVID-19

CGTN Started streaming 3 minutes ago For many of us, the COVID-19 pandemic has changed our relationship with food, including the way we eat and what we eat. Now, the United Nations is warning that the world stands on the … Continue reading

Billion Dollar Burger

Climate One Started streaming 80 minutes ago Long before the coronavirus began disrupting America’s trillion-dollar meat industry, lab-grown proteins were upending the way we consume chicken, pork, and beef. With an environmental footprint far smaller than traditional animal agriculture, are … Continue reading

How coronavirus impacts Africa’s battle with locusts | Start Here

Al Jazeera English Apr 19, 2020 Swarms of locusts — some the size of a city — are eating their way through the Horn of Africa and have now arrived in Pakistan. The UN says the insects could devastate crops … Continue reading

A tale of two plagues: Locusts and the coronavirus

TRT World Apr 22, 2020 While countries struggle with the coronavirus pandemic, millions are at risk of starvation as locusts ravage East Africa. Food-matters,

Locust swarms destroy crops across India – BBC News

BBC News Jun 6, 2020 Swarms of locusts are causing havoc in agricultural areas in several parts of India. A single swarm can contain as many as 80 million of the insects and they have destroyed both crops and livelihoods … Continue reading

Swarms of Locusts Are Sweeping India, Brazil, and the World | NowThis

NowThis News Jun 30, 2020 From India to Brazil, locust swarms are wreaking havoc on communities around the world. KnowThis to get the biggest stories of the day delivered straight to your inbox: In world news and current events … Continue reading

India and Pakistan face worst locust plague in 30 years | DW News

DW News May 29, 2020 India and Pakistan are facing their worst plague of locusts in decades. Authorities in both countries fear a food security crisis. And even as Pakistan struggles with the economic fallout of the coronavirus lockdown, its … Continue reading