The African Historical Graphics Archive

Sebastian Munster – Totius Africae tabula & descriptio uniuersalis etiam ultra Ptolemaei limites extensa. Basel. 1542

[Compare with:]

Sebastian Munster – Geographia Universalis, Vetus et Nova, Complectens Claudii Ptolemaei Alexandrini Enarrationis Libros VIIIBasel 1540

The African Historical Graphics Archive is designed to record, conserve and present historical maps and graphic images of Africa and its peoples for advanced scholarship, public exhibition and curriculum development on African history throughout the world.

T.C. Weiskel, Research Director

Presentation to the Africana Librarians at Boston University

navigating-intern-page[Slides & Illustrations from presentation]

For background material on problems of meta-description in the electronic cataloging of digital material see:



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as well as selected related topics in the digital humanities:

Lecture – Dr. Judith Carney – Boston, African Studies Association event at Afriterra, 22 November 2019

afriterra-mapSee also a selection of African cartographic collections linked together for research and teaching through “The Africa Map Circle” including the Bodleian Library in Oxford and numerous important university and private map collections in the United States:Oxford-Bodleian

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