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Walter Jehne – The Soil Carbon Sponge, Climate Solutions and Healthy Water Cycles

Biodiversity for a Livable Climate Apr 29, 2018 Biodiversity for a Livable Climate presents A talk by Walter Jehne Australian climate scientist and soil microbiologist Director of Healthy Soils Australia Introduction by Didi Pershouse April 26, 2018 Harvard University, Haller … Continue reading

Indigenous communities’ history with health-care system creating vaccine hesitancy

CBC News: The National Published on Jan 13, 2021 A difficult history with the health-care system has made some Indigenous people leery of the COVID-19 vaccine as it arrives in remote communities. Officials are working with local leaders and Indigenous … Continue reading

Small Towns And COVID-19: How Politics Can Cost Health Care Workers And Lives : NPR

Health Journalist Laurie Garrett on COVID Lessons Learned From Japan | Japan In :60 | GZERO Media

GZERO Media Dec 21, 2020 When it comes to preparedness for this global crisis, Japan had a key advantage—a universal healthcare system that provides medical attention to all at no or low cost to the patient. But there were other … Continue reading

Pathways to Planetary Health – John Fullerton in Conversation with Jonathan F. P. Rose

GarrisonInstitute Streamed live 8 hours ago

Techonomy & CDX: Understanding American Health + Wealth

Techonomy Media Sep 28, 2020

Disease and Empire: The Health of European Troops in the Conquest of Africa: Philip D. Curtin

From 1815 to 1914, death rates of European soldiers, serving both at home and abroad, dropped by nearly ninety percent. But this drop applied mainly to soldiers in barracks. Soldiers on campaign, especially in the tropics, continued to die from … Continue reading

“Healthcare after the COVID-19 pandemic: the walls are coming down” – Chas Bountra & Charles Godfray

Oxford Martin School Streamed live 19 hours ago Join Professor Chas Bountra, Professor of Translational Medicine and Professor Sir Charles Godfray as they discuss how the healthcare system has had to adapt due to the Covid-19 pandemic and what this … Continue reading

‘We have a pandemic out of control,’ public health expert says

PBS NewsHour 2.2M subscribers SUBSCRIBED Published on Nov 5, 2020 While the U.S. is focused on the pending outcome of the presidential election, the pandemic is not on hold. The country has now crossed another unwelcome threshold: more than 100,000 … Continue reading

Systemic Solutions for Healthy Food Systems: A Guide to Government Action

The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed the fragility of our food and health systems. Scientists agree that preserving intact ecosystems and tackling climate change reduces the prevalence of infectious diseases.1, 2 COVID-19 has reinforced understanding of the interdependence of ecological, animal, … Continue reading