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Media Malpractice? As GOP Moves to Strip Healthcare from Millions, Press Remains Focused on Russia

Democracy Now! Published on Jun 21, 2017 – As Senate Republicans draft their repeal of Obamacare behind closed doors, we speak to The Nation’s Katrina vanden Heuvel about secret bills, single-payer healthcare and the media’s coverage. Her latest article … Continue reading

Farm-fresh healthy food doesn’t have to be too pricey or pretty, says this chef

PBS NewsHour Published on Jun 22, 2017 Chef and restaurateur Joy Crump explains how we can find greater value and health in farm-to-table food, in a conversation at the Aspen Institute’s Spotlight Health conference. Food-matters

Thirteen Men Deciding Women’s Health Care

Health expert Kate Tulenko discusses China’s latest H7N9 bird flu pandemic

“A Transformative Vision”: Naomi Klein on Platforms for Racial, Health & Climate Justice Under Trump

Democracy Now! Published on Jun 13, 2017 – Since President Trump’s inauguration, the United States and the world have been rocked with a series of massive nationwide days of action, including the Women’s March, the People’s Climate March, the … Continue reading

Fracking and Health: Ask an Expert

TEDX conducts brief interviews with leading experts to get answers about health threats posed by unconventional oil and gas operations.

W.H.O. urges China to boost its role in global healthcare

World Health Organisation chief delivers final address

Comparing Air Pollution and Its Health Effects in Beijing and Mexico City

Biodynamics and plant guilds for soil health