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The 2017 Penn State Lectures on the Frontiers of Science – “The Quest for One Healthy Planet”

“The Quest for One Healthy Planet” is the theme of the 2017 Penn State Lectures on the Frontiers of Science. Join us for a series of six free public lectures on Saturday mornings from 11:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in … Continue reading

Q&A: How Climate Change Hurts Health | Harvard Public Health Magazine | Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health

Aaron (Ari) Bernstein, MPH ’09, has studied the health effects of climate change from many angles. As associate director of the Center for Health and the Global Environment at the Harvard Chan School, he has explored the public health effects … Continue reading

$1 billion needed for food, water, healthcare for 7 million people

CGTN Africa Published on Dec 30, 2016 The United Nations humanitarian office has appealed for more than one billion dollars to assist people in parts of north-eastern Nigeria. The 2017 Humanitarian Response Plan is set to help those in the … Continue reading

Amid Rising Health Concerns, Some Pennsylvania Doctors Say Put A Hold On Fracking | Here & Now December 12, 2016 By Reid Frazier, The Allegheny Front For years, public health experts have worried that oil and gas development could be making people living near drilling sites sick. As scientists begin to compile more data, health … Continue reading

Climate & Health in Africa, narrated by Judy Omumbo, IRI

Earth Outreach Uploaded on Dec 10, 2009 In this tour, the International Research Institute for Climate & Society (IRI) guides you through some of the work they are doing to project where meningitis may impact humans in the future under … Continue reading

Army Says It Fairly Dismissed Soldiers With Mental Health Problems, Brain Injuries

December 01, 2016 By Daniel Zwerdling An Army review concludes that commanders did nothing wrong when they kicked out more than 22,000 soldiers for misconduct after they came back from Iraq or Afghanistan – even though all of those … Continue reading

The Predictable Environmental, Public Health and Climate Impacts of the Globally Resurgent Military-Industrial-Prison Complex | EV & N – 229 – CCTV With the Pence-Trump election history is repeating itself. We are headed for a presidency run from the Vice President’s office. The military-industrial-prison complex is likely to reinforce itself with the predictable array of war profiteers and prison … Continue reading

Prince Charles to Launch Global Push to Protect Soil Health Worldwide – Regeneration InternationalRegeneration International

By FarmingUK Author: Roger Harrabin | Published: October 26, 2016 Prince Charles is joining a UK-France government initiative to improve the condition of global soils. Both governments are meeting the Prince to discuss the need to improve the health of … Continue reading

“Women’s health: a new global agenda” with Prof Robyn Norton

Oxford Martin School Started streaming 1 hour ago Global efforts to improve the health of women and girls have, in the past few decades, largely focused on reducing unacceptably high levels of maternal mortality and morbidity. In large part because … Continue reading

British doctors and health professionals call for rapid coal phase-out | Environment | The Guardian

Fiddlers Ferry coal-fired power station in Widnes, northern England. Pollution from coal plants alone costs the UK as much as £3.1bn each year in human health impacts. Photograph: Phil Noble/Reuters John Vidal Wednesday 19 October 2016 07.40 EDT Group of … Continue reading