No “Planet B.” Only One Earth. Only One Chance: COVID-19 ~ “Shelter in Place” Underscores Crystal Clear Urgency of New Strategies for Sustainability

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The “Shelter in Place” directives that the entire world has now experienced as a result of the impact of COVID-19 make it clear that as a human community we all now need urgently to direct our efforts to design and implement a transition to a just, solar-sustainable future.

This will require a rapid transformation of deeply-held beliefs and a substantial change in our habitual behaviors that are deeply embedded in the unsustainable trajectories of industrial society.  In reality, industrial societies have all become dependent upon non-renewable fossil fuels.  Moreover, current corporate business strategies are committed to the continuous expansion of human consumption and the ineluctable degradation of natural ecosystems across the globe.

If these patterns are not  reversed soon – that is, if the logic of economic behavior cannot be subordinated to the realities of ecological sustainability — our contemporary civilization will collapse in the near future as civilizations have repeatedly done in the past.

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