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Dragon Husbandry | Natural Gas WITHOUT Fracking!


What is peak oil, and will fracking buy us time?

PBS NewsHour May 23, 2014 PBS NewsHour economics correspondent Paul Solman speaks with former big pharma executive Chris Martenson about why the money the U.S. printed after the financial crash would have been better spent on alternative energy rather than … Continue reading

Trump Touts Natural Gas Fracking and “Beautiful Wall” in Colorado

Oct 24, 2019 In Pittsburgh, President Trump touted his administration’s support for the natural gas industry on Wednesday, praising the growth of fracking wells in Pennsylvania and defending his plan to pull the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Accord. … Continue reading

2020 Dem Candidates Talk Fracking, Green New Deal, Nuclear Energy & More at Climate Crisis Town Hall

Image Credit: CNN Sep 05, 2019 Ten 2020 hopefuls took to the stage in New York City Wednesday night for a climate town hall hosted by CNN. In a seven-hour marathon, the candidates discussed their climate plans, the fossil fuel … Continue reading

Fracking: UK shale reserves may be smaller than previously estimated – BBC News By Matt McGrath Environment correspondent 20 August 2019 Image copyright Cuadrilla Image caption Cuardrilla have recently resumed fracking for shale gas in Lancashire Previous projections of the potential amount of shale gas under the UK may have been significantly … Continue reading

Shale cowboys: fracking under Trump – Docu – 2017

Published on Jun 25, 2017 Having your own energy sources is an important weapon in the world economy. Since 2013, the United States has made important foes of fossil-rich opponents like Saudi Arabia important in extracting shale gas and shale … Continue reading

Eliza Griswold Uncovers the Human Cost of Fracking | The New York Public Library

Eliza Griswold Uncovers the Human Cost of Fracking by NYPL Podcasts April 28, 2019 Journalist, Eliza Griswold just won a Pulitzer Prize and a Bernstein Award for her recent book, Amity and Prosperity: One Family and the Fracturing of America. … Continue reading

Trump Admin Just Sold Massive Amounts Of Protected Lands To Fracking Companies

Crazed Ohio Republicans Want To Use Toxic Fracking Waste To De-Ice Roads

Published on Dec 10, 2018 The Ring of Fire The Ohio House of Representatives has passed legislation that would allow cities to use toxic waste from fracking sites to de-ice roads this winter. This will expose citizens to unprecedented levels … Continue reading

Tap of Fire: Fracking in Texas risks gas in drinking water

Published on Dec 17, 2013 RT A cozy countryside getaway from the city hustle – an idea ruined for some Americans by the negative effects of a fracking boom. In places like Texas the ground drilling technology has become a … Continue reading