How you can use this weblog:

Trasition-Studies is designed as a “switchboard” to facilitate access to relevant and timely documentation accessible through the Internet.   Although it is not primarily a platform for original published material, this weblog can be used by those undertaking focused research on climate change, environmental ethics and food issues in a number of helpful ways:

  • You may view the most recent postings in the headline column under the calendar on any page.
  • You may also review posts by topic from the drop-down menu for the specific categories under “News Concerning…” posted above.
  • Other Menu options include links for “film festivals” which provide quick access to video material related to the topics listed under the heading “Films & Documentaries.”
  • The “Global Online Courses” provides access to the syllabi of more than thirty courses that have been offered online on the Internet at the Harvard Extension School for over ten years.
  • The “Related Resources” Menu option provides further links to materials related to the environmental courses including specifically the various programs of the “Climate Talks Project” and “Food-Matters.TV”
  • You may click on the calendar for particular links added on specific dates during the current or previous months.
  • Further, the site can be fully searched by topics, keywords or specific phrases (enclosed in quotes – eg. tourism or GMO or fracking or “climate change”).
  • For those interested in learning about job opportunities, internships, etc., you can consult the “Green Dream Jobs” Listing under the “How to use this weblog” entry under the “About” menu at the top of the home page.
  • You can view and/or download the past episodes of the Cambridge Community Television (CCTV) program series, “BeLive” posted by the Cambridge Climate Research Associates.(CCRA).    Different topics are presented in a 25 min. video program once a week for viewers of Cambridge Community Television, and for the world through the posted listings on the Transition-Studies website.
  • Finally, you may choose to “Follow” the site to receive automatic e-mail updates of all postings on an immediate, daily or weekly basis.

It is understood that this weblog is a research and reference platform.  It provides links to online materials, but it is not responsible for nor does it endorse or condone the content of any of these external websites. Nor is this weblog responsible for the ads automatically inserted in the left-hand column by YouTube or WordPress.Com.  Proper citation of any information on this site must refer to the original source of the material.

See the ABOUT page for background and history of the “Clearing House…”

T.C. Weiskel
Weblog Moderator

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