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The Secret Link Between Voter Suppression & Police Brutality (w/ Cong. Mark Pocan)

Thom Hartmann Program

Published on Jun 10, 2020

These two systems are working together to keep Black Americans down… what connection is there between police brutality and voter suppression?

Charity boats resume Mediterranean migrant rescue after two-month Covid-19 hiatus

FRANCE 24 English

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Published on Jun 10, 2020
Two charity boats have headed back to the Mediterranean after a two-month hiatus in migrant rescue operations, as humanitarian groups await a new wave of arrivals

This is Not a Drill: Rebellions, Repression, and Elections

The Real News Network

Streamed live 3 hours ago

The explosion of the largest urban rebellions in the US since the 1960s has sharpened the political and economic crises that were already unfolding. In the backdrop of all of these overlapping crises, November’s election looms large, as Trump’s promised escalation of state violence and his drumming up of authoritarian sentiments puts the high stakes of the general election into sharp relief.

How do these urban rebellions and the state’s violent reaction reshape the political terrain? What new capacities do we now have and what new challenges must we grapple with so that we may defeat Trump and grow our movements? How must we shift our 2020 strategy? Join us for the next episode of This is Not a Drill: LIVE as we talk 2020 political and electoral strategy in the face of uprisings, pandemic, and crisis.

Hosts Adam Gold and Rishi Awatramani are joined by special guests Nelini Stamp, Jennifer Epps-Addison, Tami Sawyer, and Max Elbaum to discuss strategic questions facing left organizers at this crucial historical juncture.

Guests: Nelini Stamp, Working Families Party Jennifer Epps-Addison, Center for Popular Democracy Tami Sawyer, Black Voters Matter Max Elbaum, Organizing Upgrade

The Worst Do-Nothing Senate in Modern American History

Senator Bernie Sanders

Published on Jun 10, 2020

When Emperor Nero played his fiddle as Rome burned, at least he provided some entertainment to his court. Senator McConnell is doing nothing.

The Impact of Infectious Disease on Humans and our Origins: Questions, Answers, and Discussion

University of California Television (UCTV)

Published on Jun 10, 2020

(01:35 – Main Presentation) Infectious diseases have profound influences on the evolution of their host populations. In the case of humans, the host species has also shaped pathogen dynamics and virulence viaa multitude of factors from changes in social organization, group size, and exploitation of varied habitats and their animals and plant resources to agriculture, technology, rapid long-distance travel, medicine and global economic integration – which all continue to shape epidemics and the humanhost populations. This symposium will explore how infectious agents and humans have shaped each other over the eons. Recorded on 05/16/2020. [Show ID: 35851]

Please Note: Knowledge about health and medicine is constantly evolving. This information may become out of date.

More from: CARTA Presents: The Impact of Infectious Disease on Humans and our Origins (https://www.uctv.tv/carta-infectious-…)

White House defends Trump promoting conspiracy theory about injured protester

CBC News: The National

Published on Jun 10, 2020

The White House is standing by U.S. President Donald Trump’s assertion that a 75-year-old protester injured by police in Buffalo, N.Y., is part of a far-left conspiracy, while friends of Martin Gugino say he’s being revictimized by the comments

Rewriting history | Statues in Britain are under scrutiny over links to slavery & racism


Published on Jun 10, 2020

In the UK, protesters have gone to war with statues of slave traders and those they believe were racists. In response the Mayor of London has now ordered a review of all statues, and their links to slavery. READ MORE: https://on.rt.com/aj63

The Post-Covid Economic Recovery: Street-side retail in China


Published on Jun 10, 2020

Summer is a season when Chinese people like to enjoy their leisure time in the open air, just like anywhere else in the world. Except for the masks on the faces, one would hardly know that people in this country have gone through a global #pandemic in the past few months. As China gradually stepped out from the perils of COVID-19, economic recovery has always been a top priority on its agenda. Tax cuts, coupons, mobile stalls – the government at all levels is trying new means to boost economic activity, which has been heavily disrupted by the #coronavirus. Are people ready to embrace a more normal life again after the pandemic? How far away are we from the days before the COVID-19 outbreak

Black Lives Matter movement presses the world to confront colonial statues


Published on Jun 10, 2020

Protesters in the UK did what years of debate did not — tore down the statue to a slave trader. As the Black Lives Matter movement gains momentum, triggered by George Floyd’s death in the US, countries are being pressed to confront their racist colonial history and the statues that commemorate that past.

From slavery to George Floyd: The racist history of U.S. policing

Democracy Now!

Jun 10, 2020

Harvard professor Khalil Gibran Muhammad, author of “The Condemnation of Blackness: Race, Crime and the Making of Modern Urban America,” walks through the history of policing from the founding of the United States to today. “Going back to the mid-1600s into the early-1700s, colony after colony, from New York and Massachusetts to South Carolina and Virginia, passed a series of Black Codes or Negro Acts, various laws that were designed to empower everyday white citizens with the responsibility — and let me be clear — the duty to serve in an official capacity to surveil, monitor, to track and, when caught, to dispense corporal punishment against enslaved African people in the colonies,” says Muhammad. “It was the largest bureaucracy dedicated to a form of policing that we recognize today. It was everywhere in the colonies.” The author and historian also addresses the similarly racist foundations of the U.S. Border Patrol.