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Soil Not Oil 2018 Opening Ceremony & Vandana Shiva

Soil Not Oil Coalition Published on Oct 6, 2018 9 September2018. Starts with an Ohlone Ceremony, an Opening Message by the author of ‘Soil Not Oil’ Vandana Shiva, a Welcome Message by the Organizer of ‘Soil Not Oil’ Confrence Miguel … Continue reading

Vandana Shiva on Seed Resilience

2017 saw epic weather events across the globe. See our blog post on this subject at, including a link to Vandana Shiva’s research on the climate resiliency of regenerative food systems. Food-matters,

Keynote – Dr. Vandana Shiva, Soil Not Oil International Conference 2017


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Vandana Shiva: “People should see that corporations have abandoned them long ago.”


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Dr. Jane Goodall & Dr.Vandana Shiva in conversation with Amy Goodman at the IWECI Summit

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