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Rep Alan Grayson “TPP Is the Fast Track To Hell”

The Big Picture RT Published on Jan 14, 2016 Congressman Alan Grayson (D-FL, 9th District)/Alan Grayson: A Senator With Guts, joins Thom. Average Americans didn’t get any say whatsoever when 600 or so corporations wrote the Trans-Pacific Partnership. But they’re … Continue reading

Say NO to Radioactive Food from Japan – BLOCK Fast Track TPP

MsMilkytheclown1 1,517 Published on Apr 30, 2015 YES, this WILL Effect YOU. Keep Radioactive FOOD OUT of US! BLOCK Fast Track TPP: Beginning: Pt 1 – Mary Beth Brangan – Secret Trade Deals and Food Safety Don’t Mix Fukushima Fallout … Continue reading

House Democrats Derail Obama’s Push for TPP “Fast Track” & Clinton Urges O bama to Listen to Critics of TPP

Democracy Now!  Published on Jun 15, 2015 House Democrats Derail Obama’s Push for TPP “Fast Track” In a major blow to President Obama’s trade agenda, House Democrats have derailed attempts to speed through approval of the secretive Trans-Pacific Partnership … Continue reading

Why the Black Caucus Could Be Game Changers After House Slows Down Fast Track Bill

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Full Show 6/12/15: House Blocks Fast Track TPP Bill

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Could Anti-Climate Amendment Torpedo Fast Track? | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community E120, e130

Fast Track Derailed? House Deals Blow to Corporate-Friendly Trade Agenda | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community E120, e130,

Thom Hartmann Rails Against Democrats who Support Fast Track…

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No to ‘Fast Track,’ No to Trade Treachery | TPP

Alan Grayson Published on Apr 29, 2015 Fight Back: Global Climate Change Environment Ethics Environment Justice

Obama Seeks Fast Track for TPP, Trade Deal that Could Thwart “Almost Any Progressive Policy or Goal”

Democracy Now! Published on Mar 19, 2015 – Congressional Democrats are openly criticizing the secrecy surrounding the negotiations over the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), just as President Obama begins a major push to pass the controversial deal. The United States … Continue reading