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100 Days Open Call | Extinction Rebellion UK

Extinction Rebellion UK – Mar 5, 2023 #extinctionrebellion #globalwarming #climatechange Sun 5 March, 7pm – 8pm Come along for: – The look and feel of the action in April – Exciting ways to get involved – we are all crew! … Continue reading

Can Extinction Rebellion’s new brand of climate protest win people over?

The Guardian Jan 20, 2023 WESTMINSTER In an attempt to gain popular support, Extinction Rebellion has promised to ‘quit’ public disruption as a primary tactic of its protests, focusing instead on the ‘perpetrators’ of climate destruction.

LIVE: Reclaim Our Future – Extinction Rebellion UK

Oct 16, 2022 Today we are marching – led by XR Youth – from Reformers Tree in Hyde Park to Parliament Square. Join us to share your fear, anger, faith and love. We are carrying an oak sapling, a descendant … Continue reading

OPEN CALLS | Extinction Rebellion UK

Oct 9, 2022 Sunday October 9th, 6:30-7:30pm (with an invitation to stay until 8pm for more questions and to get involved!) Action Plan: Friday 14th October – 12pm – Trafalgar Square – Bring your energy bills Group Agreement and More … Continue reading

SEPTEMBER OPEN CALLS | Extinction Rebellion UK

Aug 28, 2022 What’s the plan for September? Extinction Rebellion is building in numbers and gaining momentum – from September 10th we will come out on the streets and make the demand for climate action impossible to ignore. Join one … Continue reading

WE ARE UNSTOPPABLE! | Extinction Rebellion UK

Extinction Rebellion UK– May 11, 2022 We are serious about getting our demands met, and we recognise we have a lot of work to do to get there. “We’re asking you to step up. We’re asking you to refuse to … Continue reading


Extinction Rebellion UK Apr 8, 2022 The jury has reached a verdict and it is damning. The latest IPCC report is a litany of broken climate promises. We are on a fast track to climate disaster and our leaders are … Continue reading

Scientists Increase Urgency of Climate Catastrophe Message – Join with Extinction Rebellion in Spanish Protest

Spanish climate scientists joined Extinction Rebellion in protests against the Spanish Parliament for its inaction on climate change. See related: DON’T BE A BYSTANDER! JOIN THE REBELLION 9TH APRIL | Extinction Rebellion UK Setting the Record Straight: The Depth, Severity and … Continue reading

NOW IS THE TIME TO REBEL: Tim Crosland at the Extinction Rebellion Open Call

Extinction Rebellion UK – Mar 23, 2022 “The democratic duty, not just the right, is to rise up in this moment of crisis and say you have no democratic mandate to destroy the conditions on which the habitability of this … Continue reading

2 weeks of the Impossible Rebellion in 2 mins | Extinction Rebellion UK

Extinction Rebellion UKSep 6, 2021 Thanks to everyone that took part or supported.