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Amid Tensions with North Korea, 51 Countries Sign Ban on Nuclear Weapons Despite U.S. Opposition


Dozens of Countries Sign Landmark Treaty to Ban Nuclear Weapons at U.N.

Sep 21, 2017 At the United Nations headquarters in New York City, dozens of countries have signed on to a landmark treaty to ban nuclear weapons worldwide. The United Nations calls it the world’s first legally binding treaty banning nuclear … Continue reading

George Monbiot vs. Dr. Helen Caldicott: A Debate on the Future of Nuclear Energy. Part 1 of 2

George Monbiot vs. Dr. Helen Caldicott: A Debate on the Future of Nuclear Energy. Part 2 of 2

Noam Chomsky Sep 21, 2017 – Nuclear War and Environmental Catastrophe

Noam Chomsky Published on Sep 20, 2017

US hungry for regime change, nuclear weapons are excuse to attack – John Pilger


Powerful Hurricane Irma Pummels Turks and Caicos, Spares Hispaniola + Florida: More Than a Half-Million Evacuate Ahead of Hurricane Irma Landfall + Florida Nuclear Plants in Path of Hurricane Shut Down

Sep 08, 2017 Hurricane Irma, the most powerful Atlantic storm ever recorded, laid waste to parts of the Caribbean overnight, pummeling Turks and Caicos, hammering the Bahamas and taking aim at South Florida, home to millions of residents. The storm’s … Continue reading

Beyond Nuclear – Home – Hurricane Irma bearing down on FL reactors, Hurricane Harvey water recedes from TX nuke

Turkey Point Units 3 & 4, Homestead, FLThe Texas Gulf Coast cleanup from Hurricane Harvey has just begun and flood waters receded from the South Texas Project (STP) nuclear power station near Bay City. While the Texas nuclear power plant … Continue reading

Noam Chomsky (September 02, 2017) – Nuclear War and Environmental Catastrophe

US nuclear weapons should be removed from our country – German FM

Published on Aug 30, 2017 German Foreign Minister says he’d like to see American nuclear weapons removed from his country. RT’s Peter Oliver has more. Nuclear