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French health minister on coronavirus cases: “unthinkable and ineffective to close the borders”

FRANCE 24 English Feb 26, 2020

Why U.S. officials are escalating their concerns over novel coronavirus

PBS NewsHour Feb 25, 2020 U.S. health officials are expressing a new level of urgency over the possibility that novel coronavirus could spread extensively within the country. The virus appears to have peaked in China, but other global hotspots are … Continue reading

Rome civil protection authorities confirm 12 deaths from coronavirus in Italy

FRANCE 24 English Feb 26, 2020 1.09M subscribers

Coronavirus: Iran’s deputy health minister tests positive as outbreak worsens – BBC News

BBC News Feb 26, 2020 Several European countries have announced their first coronavirus cases, with all appearing to be linked to the growing outbreak in Italy. Austria, Croatia and Switzerland said the cases involved people who had been to Italy, … Continue reading

World battles coronavirus outbreak – BBC News

BBC News Feb 25, 2020 Major outbreaks of the new coronavirus have suddenly been detected in both Italy and Iran in the past few days. Meanwhile, cases in South Korea have surged making it one of the worst-affected countries. Global … Continue reading

Coronavirus: World must prepare for pandemic, says WHO – BBC News

BBC News Feb 25, 2020 Fears are growing that the coronavirus outbreak could become a pandemic as new cases are reported around the world. The virus, which emerged in China, has spread to at least 29 countries.The World Health Organization … Continue reading

Coronavirus: WHO warns world to brace for pandemic | DW News

DW News Feb 26, 2020 The World Health Organization says the world is not ready to fight the new coronavirus, known as COVID 19. As the disease continues to spread to more countries outside China, the WHO is warning governments … Continue reading

CDC Warns of “Severe” Disruption to Daily Life in U.S. as Coronavirus Spread s

Feb 26, 2020 The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is warning Americans to prepare for an outbreak of the coronavirus that’s rocked China and hammered the global economy — saying it’s not a question of “if” but “when” … Continue reading

Coronavirus: Global Outbreak

VOA News 794K subscribers This week on “Plugged In with Greta Van Susteren” for February 26, 2020: Coronavirus: Global Outbreak. New cases of coronavirus are on the rise worldwide, stoking fears in South Korea, Italy and Iran. Is the world … Continue reading

Congress prepares for inevitable U.S. coronavirus outbreak

CBS This Morning Feb 26, 2020 The CDC issued a stark warning that Americans should prepare for an inevitable coronavirus outbreak, and that the disruption to U.S. life may be severe. So far 58 Americans have been diagnosed with the … Continue reading