Mapping the Transition to a
Financially Sustainable

“Divestment” us best understood as part of a larger movement to divest financial resources from destructive products and practices and invest these same resources instead in products and practices that affirm ecosystem integrity and lead to a sustainable future for humankind as part of Earth’s finite ecosystem.

From this perspective, continued investment in non-renewable energy sources makes no sense.  Shysters and speculators may be attracted to momentary profit from fossil fuels, but, by definition, investments in non-renewable systems on a finite planet cannot be sustained.  As archaeology and history have demonstrated with sad repetition, societies based on non-renewable resources face either inevitable deterioration over time or sudden and abrupt decline as they become engaged in syndromes of catabolic collapse and competitive destruction in the struggle to control a diminishing resource base.

On the other hand,  these ever escalating  syndromes of collapse can be avoided if societies, institutions and individuals act in time and decide to  re-direct financial and social investment towards renewable and sustainable resources.


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This page links provides links to information concerning the movement to divest financial resources from fossil-fuel exploitation as well as information concerning efforts to invest financial assets instead in renewable energy resources and technologies.

It includes selected information on the

as well as

In addition, links to information in investment in renewable energy resources is provided as well.

These categories will be updated from time to time.

Information concerning particular divestment movements — like the Divest Harvard movement, organized by students —  is available at:


or by taking a “snapshot” of the QR Code below with an iPhone or iPad equipped with a camera or afreely downloadable QR Scanner/Code Reader app.


See related:





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