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Portugal’s Battle against Covid-19

Dec 8 2021 Portugal: The Battle against Covid-19 – Portugal registered numbers of deaths and infections much lower than those of its neighboring countries Spain, France and Italy. This documentary takes a look back at Portugal’s response to the pandemic, … Continue reading

Global Death Toll from COVID-19 Tops 15 Million as Vaccine Inequity Continues to Prolong Pandemic

May 6 2022 The World Health Organization says the coronavirus pandemic has now caused an excess of 15 million deaths globally. We look at how staggering death counts reveal broader political failures to protect public health and close the international … Continue reading

Premature “Normalcy” Could Backfire as U.S. COVID Death Toll Passes 1 Million & New Variants Spread

May 6 2022 Governments around the world are eagerly returning back to pre-pandemic conditions by relaxing preventative restrictions, lifting mask mandates and pulling back public funding. Dr. Abraar Karan, infectious disease fellow at Stanford University School of Medicine, says these … Continue reading

Ghana’s dancing pallbearers: life after becoming THE meme of Covid-19 – BBC Africa

2020 May 4 In 2017 this troupe of Ghanaian pallbearers went viral following BBC Africa’s coverage of their flamboyant coffin-carrying dances, garnering millions of views. Three years later and the group has experienced a second round of internet fame, with … Continue reading

Understanding the links between animals, humans and our environment | COVID-19 Special

Apr 16 2022 Understanding interconnections is key – for our health, that of our fellow creatures and our environment. That’s our focus this week. How likely is it animals will pass diseases on to humans? And can our diet affect … Continue reading

A Poor People’s Pandemic: Report Reveals Poor Died from COVID at Twice the R ate of Wealthy in U.S.

Democracy Now! – Apr 5, 2022 The newly released “Poor People’s Pandemic Report” shows poor people died from COVID at twice the rate of wealthy Americans and that people of color were more likely to die than white populations. “Our … Continue reading

Calls Grow for Medicare for All; Uninsured & Communities of Color Hurt Most by End of COVID-19 Funds

Mar 31, 2022 With COVID-19 coverage ending for the uninsured, we look at how uninsured people and communities of color will bear the impact of the end to free COVID-19 testing, treatment and vaccines, and how the pandemic has led … Continue reading

Culture after Covid-19: UNESCO calls for better protection for arts workers • FRANCE 24 English

Feb 17 2022 An estimated 10 million jobs were lost in the creative industries in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, according to a report from the United Nations’ cultural agency UNESCO. The organisation estimates that shutdowns and other restrictions … Continue reading

Senegal Facility Plans to Start COVID Vaccine Production

Feb 9 2022 A new vaccine production initiative at the Institut Pasteur in Dakar hopes to decrease the continent’s dependence on developed countries for vaccines Originally published at –…

What’s needed to defeat Long Covid? | The Stream

Streamed live 27 minutes ago Muscle weakness. Shortness of breath. “Brain fog”. Just some of the myriad symptoms that millions of people worldwide have withstood in the days, weeks and months after recovering from acute coronavirus infections. News outlets routinely … Continue reading