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Harvard says fighting climate change is a top priority. But it still won’t divest from fossil fuels. – The Washington Post

Bacow Makes Surprise Appearance at Harvard Fossil Fuel Divestment Forum

Karen Shapiro, a financial advisor at Progressive Asset Management; James “Jim” T. Engell ’73, an English professor; University President Lawrence S. Bacow; Cornel R. West ’74, a philosophy professor; and James G. Anderson a chemistry professor speak at a public … Continue reading

Bacow Makes Surprise Appearance at Harvard Fossil Fuel Divestment Forum | News | The Harvard Crimson

Civil Disobedience as Civil Dialogue: Divest Harvard

Civil Disobedience as Civil Dialogue On April 4th, Divest Harvard joined the Harvard Prison Divestment Campaign to disrupt Harvard President Larry Bacow’s conversation with Graduate School of Education Dean Bridget Terry Long at the Institute of Politics on the “essential … Continue reading

Divestment Protestors Interrupt Bacow Talk at IOP, Forcing Event Location Change | News | The Harvard Crimson

University President Lawrence S. Bacow attempts to quiet protestors before exiting the John F. Kennedy Jr. Forum. Photo: Amy Y. Li By Alexandra A. Chaidez and Amy Y. Li, Crimson Staff Writers 13 hours ago Roughly 30 protestors from two … Continue reading

Harvard Faculty Demand Bacow Host Forum on Divestment | News | The Harvard Crimson

A group of University affiliates call for divestment from fossil fuels in front of Massachusetts Hall in February. Photo: Alexandra A. Chaidez By Jonah S. Berger and Molly C. McCafferty, Crimson Staff Writers 7 hours ago [See related stories listed … Continue reading

Noam Chomsky Rocks MIT Fossil Fuel Divestment

What is fossil fuel divestment and why does it matter? | Keep it in the ground

Divestment and climate change: Thomas Stoner at TEDxHamsphireCollege

TEDx Talks Published on Nov 19, 2013

Harvard Heat Week: Why We Act for Fossil Fuel Divestment

Divest Harvard Published on Mar 29, 2015 See: Harvard Divestment in Historical Perspective Divest Harvard has been calling on Harvard University to divest from fossil fuels for almost three years. It’s time to ask Harvard University: “#WhoseSide are you … Continue reading