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How Well Does Fossil Fuel Divestment Combat Climate Change?

TheRealNews Published on Oct 1, 2018 As the fossil fuel divestment movement grows around the world, a new study suggests its economic impact might be overstated. Leaders in the environmental movement respond to PERI economist Robert Pollin Advertisements

Why Divest?

Climate One Published on Sep 20, 2018 Tom Steyer of NextGen America talks divestment with Climate One. Divestment from fossil fuels on the part of major institutions, he says, makes an important statement regardless of its capital impacts for the … Continue reading

Bill McKibben on Divestment

Climate One Published on Sep 14, 2018 “Money is the oxygen on which the fire that is global warming burns. If we are able to stamp out that supply of money, then that fire will begin to dwindle.”

Japan’s divestment campaign pits Buddhist priest against banks

Medical personnel check a woman evacuated from her home near the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant for radiation exposure on March 16, 2011.Asahi Shimbun via EPA In the wake of Fukushima, Tomonobu Narita is at the forefront of a movement … Continue reading

Global Divestment Mobilisation 2017 – you were amazing!

Harvard defies divestment campaigners and invests tens of millions of dollars in fossil fuels | Environment | The Guardian

Harvard’s sevenfold increase in oil and gas investments in the third quarter of 2014 flies in the face of campaigns urging the university to divest from fossil fuels. Photograph: Paul Weiskel/Corbis Suzanne Goldenberg Wed 14 Jan 2015 07.40 EST Harvard … Continue reading

Fossil fuel lobby goes on the attack against divestment movement | Damian Carrington | Environment | The Guardian

Environmentalists rally in Boston in February 2014 to demand state legislators support a bill requiring divestment from the state’s fossil fuel holdings Photograph: Paul Weiskel/Paul Weiskel/Demotix/Corbis The speed at which the fossil fuel divestment campaign is growing seems to have … Continue reading

What is fossil fuel divestment? | Environment | The Guardian

Environmentalists rally in Boston, US, to demand state legislators support a bill that would require divestment from the state’s fossil fuel holdings. Photograph: Paul Weiskel/Corbis This Q&A is part of the Guardian’s ultimate climate change FAQ Emma Howard Divestment is … Continue reading

NYC Sues Big Oil Companies Over Climate Change & Divests $5B From Fossil Fuel Firms

NYC Announces $5 Billion Fossil Fuel Divestment and Lawsuit Against World’s Biggest Polluters