The Collapse of Public Leadership and the Rise of a Citizen-Scientist Alliance for Climate Survival | EV & N 288 | CCTV

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Political leaders have failed their citizens in virtually countries across the world in the face of humanity’s most pressing crisis. Now citizens and scientists are beginning to build new civic alliances to make plans for the transitions that will be necessary for the survival of coastal cities in a climate changed world.

The scientists have been very clear and explicit about what lies in store for the human community as nothing is accomplished in limiting greenhouse gas emissions.  Shortly after the collapse of the Copenhagen climate talks talks in 2009, Dr. James Hansen made this very clear in a talk to the Cambridge Forum in February 2010:


and “After Copenhagen: Real Solutions for Global Climate Change.”

After the Paris “Climate Accord” he similarly emphasized that the agreement fell far short of what is needed, and that even if it were adhered to this agreement would not be sufficient to save coastal cities.


See related:

For James Hansen’s recent work see:

Taking Dr. Hansen’s climate statements seriously has been the focus of citizen’s groups around the world including groups like with the work of Bill McKibben and civic organizations concerned about the future survival of coastal cities.  See:





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