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Climate Scientist James Hansen Warns World is on Wrong Track to Prevent Runaway Global Warming

Democracy Now! Dec 4, 2015 Democracy Now! is your independent media. You count on us to dig deeper and connect the dots between the issues you’ve cared about for years and the news headlines each day. We urgently need your … Continue reading

Global Warming in the Pipeline – James Hansen & Makiko Sato

13 December 2022 James Hansen and Makiko Sato With 14 co-authors, we have submitted Global Warming in the Pipeline[1] to Oxford Open Climate Change. With permission of Editor-in-Chief Eelco Rohling, the submitted version is available on arXiv, the website used … Continue reading

CNA2015 Dr. James Hansen

CanadaNuclear– Mar 12, 2015 Dr. James Hansen is one of the world’s leading climatologists and former head of the NASA Goddard Institute for Space Studies. Dr. Hansen speaks to the CNA2015 crowd about the impact of emerging technologies and discoveries … Continue reading

Global Temperature in 2021 – James Hansen

Global Temperature in 2021 13 January 2022 James Hansen, Makiko Sato and Reto Ruedy Global surface temperature in 2021 (Fig. 1) was +1.12°C (~2°F) relative to the 1880-1920 average in the GISS (Goddard Institute for Space Studies) analysis.[1],[2],[3] 2021 and … Continue reading

James Hansen’s 1988 testimony after 30 years. How did he do?

YaleClimateConnections Jun 20, 2018 James Hansen is known as the “Father of Global Warming”, chiefly because of his 1988 testimony before the U.S. Senate, in which he announced that “… the greenhouse effect has been detected, and is changing our … Continue reading

James Hansen, Ph.D. – The Coming Climate Catastrophe and Our Last Chance to Save Humanity – Offstage

The Real Truth About Health Jun 30, 2019 Energy, Climate, and Human Health: Young People’s Burden and Opportunities by James Hansen, Ph.D. James Hansen is an esteemed adjunct professor from America. At present, he professes at Columbia University in the … Continue reading

James Hansen on irreversible climate change, fee and dividend and the fossil fuel industry

Sindre Mork May 20, 2017 The world’s most famous climate scientist, James Hansen, talks about climate change, Norway, fee and dividend and the fossil fuel industry

Tar Sands Valve Turners & Dr. James Hansen: We Need Civil Disobedience to Fight Climate Change

Democracy Now! Oct 11, 2018 – On October 11, 2016, activists in North Dakota, Washington, Montana and Minnesota turned the manual safety valves on four pipelines, temporarily halting the flow of nearly 70 percent of the crude oil imported … Continue reading

Jim Hansen – 20 Years of Climate Concerns

Andrew Revkin Jun 22, 2008 Dr. James Hansen, a veteran NASA climate expert, has been both lauded and criticized for moving beyond studying global warming to pressing lawmakers and the public to end unfettered coal burning and build a nonpolluting … Continue reading

James Hansen & Dan Galpern – Sue the ******, Solve the Problem

UPFSI Dec 8, 2019 Today we discuss with Dr. James Hansen and his legal advisor Dan Galpern, the approaches to reducing our carbon emissions by legal actions. Worth a watch. One successful lawsuit in the form they are describing could … Continue reading