Setting the Record Straight: The Depth, Severity and History of the Scientific Evidence on Earth’s Unfolding Climate Catastrophe

This is an excerpt of a program that “streamed live” on Cambridge Community Television (CCTV) Channel 9 at 4:30pm on 10 April 2022 from Cambridge, Massachusetts in the United States. [“Global Climate Change & Africa: Coastal Urban Vulnerability on a ‘Marginalized’ Continent.”]

The popular media has pointed out that scientists have been issuing warnings about the dangers of greenhouse gas emissions for over sixty years:

In addition the public was warned by Dr. James Gustave Speth, ever since 1981.

Over several decades, the cumulative insights and inspiration of Yale graduate and Rhodes Scholar, James Gustave (Gus) Speth, deserve particular attention in this regard. See particularly:

See also related:

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