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Thousands march through London to call for new referendum on Brexit

China Has Risen and May Be on Collision Course With U.S., Harvard’s Allison Says

Trump says US to withdraw from nuclear treaty with Russia

Over half million anti-Brexiteers march for second referendum vote

“Public Leadership in the 21st Century: Ethical, Global, Local and Connected”


Inaugural Schwarzman – Rhodes Symposium


“Public Leadership in the 21st Century: Ethical, Global, Local and Connected”
26 – 28 October 2018 | Rhodes House, Oxford

The Symposium will be co-hosted and brings together members of the Schwarzman and Rhodes Scholars’ communities to explore the ways in which the public leaders of today and tomorrow exercise values-based leadership. The Symposium will examine the challenges that public leaders face today and will also look to build a vibrant and strong network of Schwarzman Scholars and Rhodes Scholars Alumni from diverse places, perspectives and pursuits. Participants will be able to benefit from cross-generational mentoring sessions, workshops with the Blavatanik School of Government and the Munk School of Global Affairs, as well as interactive panels with leaders from all walks of life.





A new migrant caravan: 2,000 Honduran migrants traveling toward Mexico

CGTN America
Published on Oct 16, 2018

Roughly 2000 Honduran migrants are making their way toward Mexico, fleeing violence and poverty in search of a better life. The U.S. has threatened to pull financial support for Honduras if the migrants continue their journey north.

Extreme weather 2018 – Hurricane Michael (Honduras) – BBC News – 9th October 2018

Mark 1333
Published on Oct 9, 2018

Hurricane Michael swept across Central America and is heading towards Western Cuba before hitting the USA. Here we see a report from Honduras that took the brunt of the storm and what effect it had on the country with its torrential rain. Part of the ‘extreme weather and climate change’ series (on this channel), as this year is proving particularly hot yet again and in more places in the northern hemisphere on planet Earth in 2018.

Hurricane Michael drenches Honduras, other Central American countries

Published on Oct 8, 2018

허리케인 마이클로 인해 중미 온두라스 등 홍수.산사태 Heavy rains from Hurricane Michael have caused floods and landslides, killing 12 people in just a few days in Central America. According to rescue and emergency authorities, the downpours that began on Thursday battered countries from Guatemala to Costa Rica, and caused a landslide in Honduras that killed two children and their mother while they were sleeping. The rain destroyed houses and crops and forced thousands to leave their homes for temporary shelters. Local authorities in Honduras said 7 thousand people were affected and 32-hundred had to evacuate their homes. Over in Nicaragua, the government reported 23-thousand people were affected by the hurricane and a fisherman was killed after his boat overturned, two other people drowned in a river. The head of El Salvador’s civil protection agency said two people had been killed. One person died in Costa Rica and a child is missing in Guatemala.

Trump threatens to shut Mexico border, send military over migrant caravan

FRANCE 24 English

Published on Oct 19, 2018

President Donald Trump threatened on Thursday to deploy the military and close the southern U.S. border if Mexico does not halt a caravan of Central America migrants heading north, raising the risk of huge disruptions to trade.

Trump on migrant caravan: ‘It’s not happening on my watch

Washington Post

Published on Oct 19, 2018

President Trump on Oct. 19 threatened to deploy the military to the U.S.-Mexico border to stop a migrant caravan from entering the U.S., calling a “big percentage” of the migrants criminals.