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Inside The Arctic Doomsday Seed Vault For The First Time (360 Video)

Seeker VR

Sep 29, 2016

Subscribe to Seeker VR ►►► http://bit.ly/2cPGh2u For years now, the Svalbard Global Seed Vault has been collecting seeds in case a natural disaster or food crisis breaks out. So what is it like inside the vault?
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America’s Great Divide: From Obama to Trump, (full film) | FRONTLINE


Premiered 2 hours ago

An investigation into America’s increasingly bitter, divided and toxic politics. Part One of the documentary traces how Barack Obama’s promise of unity collapsed as increasing racial, cultural and political divisions laid the groundwork for the rise of Donald Trump.


Premiered 2 hours ago

An investigation into America’s increasingly bitter, divided and toxic politics. Part Two of the documentary examines how Donald Trump’s campaign exploited the country’s divisions and how his presidency has unleashed anger on both sides of the divide.

“Stop the Money Pipeline”: 150 Arrested at Protests Exposing Wall Street’s Link to C limate Crisis

Democracy Now!

Published on Jan 13, 2020

Nearly 150 people were arrested on Capitol Hill Friday in a climate protest led by Academy Award-winning actor and activist Jane Fonda. Fonda has been leading weekly climate demonstrations in Washington, D.C., known as “Fire Drill Fridays,” since October. For her last and 14th protest, actors Martin Sheen and Joaquin Phoenix, indigenous anti-pipeline activist Tara Houska, journalist Naomi Klein and dozens more lined up to get arrested as they demanded a mass uprising and swift political action to thwart the climate crisis. Fonda then marched with supporters down Pennsylvania Avenue to a Chase Bank branch where environmentalist Bill McKibben and dozens of others were occupying the space to draw attention to the bank’s ties to the fossil fuel industry. Ten, including McKibben, were arrested. The day of action was the launch of “Stop the Money Pipeline,” a campaign to halt the flow of cash from banks, investment firms and insurance companies to the fossil fuel industry. “Let us remember that we are not the criminals,” Naomi Klein told a crowd of protesters. “The criminals are the people who are letting this world burn for money.”

The Trump administration is filled with “egregious liars” and “warmongers”

Democracy Now!

Published on Jan 13, 2020

The Trump administration is filled with “egregious liars” who are knowingly lying about the threat posed by top Iranian general Qassem Soleimani to justify his assassination in a U.S. drone strike earlier this month. That’s according to Lawrence Wilkerson, former chief of staff to Secretary of State Colin Powell from 2002 to 2005, now an outspoken critic of U.S. military interventions. To say that Soleimani was “an imminent threat” is “laughable,” Wilkerson says. “These guys are supposed to be experts in the very fields that they’re talking about. They’re anything but experts. They are warmongers.”

“America Exists Today to Make War”: Lawrence Wilkerson on Endless War & American Empire

Democracy Now!

Published on Jan 13, 2020

Retired U.S. Army Colonel Lawrence Wilkerson, who served as Secretary of State Colin Powell’s chief of staff from 2002 to 2005, says the escalation of tensions between the U.S. and Iran today is a continuation of two decades of U.S. policy disasters in the Middle East, starting with the 2003 run-up to war with Iraq under the Bush administration. “America exists today to make war. How else do we interpret 19 straight years of war and no end in sight? It’s part of who we are. It’s part of what the American Empire is,” says Wilkerson. “We are going to cheat and steal to do whatever it is we have to do to continue this war complex. That’s the truth of it. And that’s the agony of it.”

Knowledge, Belief and Behavior: The Comfort of Fundamentalist Narratives in Times of Chaos & Despair | EV & N #336 | CCTV



YouTube Version

When humans are under stress they do not act upon what they know but rather upon what they have come to believe. Fundamentalist traditions are on the rise on all continents, in all cultures and within all religious traditions whether Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Hebrew or Buddhist, etc.  The one feature that all these many and varied  fundamentalisms have in common is the structure of “exceptionalist belief.”  Whatever else is happening to the world out there and to all the “others” beyond our group (so their narrative tells them), “we” will be “exceptions” to these events and follies because we are the “exceptions” — the “chosen people,” those set apart from the rest of the great unwashed because of our fundamental religious beliefs.   Fundamentalisms everywhere are based on this structure of exceptionalist belief.

For their part scientists the world over are re-asserting their own forms of fundamental truths as well.  But unlike the numerous religious traditions these fundamental truths are not located in sacred texts or privileged narratives of divinely designated “chosenness.”  Rather their truths affirm basic laws of physics and biology including:

  • water runs down hill,
  • no population can outlive its food supply,
  • animals do not photosynthesize,
  • ice melts at approximately 32-degrees Farenheight,
  • no organism can live for long in an environment composed uniquely of its own waste,
  • infinite growth of any population in a finite system is not possible,
  • etc. etc.

In this sense, the fundamentalism of science is just the opposite of that affirmed by most religious traditions because it affirms that humankind is not  exceptional and belief systems based on human exceptionalism are profoundly misguided.  The fact is that scientists affirm again and again that humans are not apart from nature but but rater a part of nature.  Hominid exceptionalism will inevitably prove fatal as all other delusional exceptionalisms have in the past.  Scientists now affirm simply that we had better learn fast to learn, absorb and behave with that awareness if we wish to survive much longer in Earth’s complex and ever-changing species mix.

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See the Effects of Climate Change Across Earth


Jun 12, 2017

Spaceborne instruments provide evidence the climate is changing, from vanishing sea ice and rising seas to changes in soil moisture and more. The European Space Agency’s Climate Change Initiative have compiled a decade worth of imagery and satellite data and it has been animated by graphics producer Planetary Visions.