Dr. William Moomaw – Humanity’s Mortality Moment

UPFSI    Dec 11, 2019

Today Dr. William Moomaw one of the 5 co-authors of the World Scientists’ Warning of a Climate Emergency explains the nature of the emergency, what we MUST be doing about it and the encouragement for *diversified forest management* instead of mono cropping single species that we intend to burn. Burning wood for biomass has a bigger carbon footprint than burning an equivalent amount of coal for energy.

See Dr. Moomaw’s direct warning:

The published article of which Dr. Moomaw speaks can be found at:


See related:

From 2004 through 2016 he co-taught a course a course in the Harvard University Extension School, entitled: “Global Climate Change: The Science, Social Impact and Diplomacy of a World Environmental Crisis.”  Professor Moomaw has been widely recognized as one of the “Grassroots-Global” visionaries of thought on the need for the rapid and drastic transformation of values in the face of the challenge of global climate change.  See, for example:

Other comparable “Grassroots–Global” visionaries include:

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