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Baule.Net – Studies in Baule History & Art

[Baule.Net is an internet reference platform for the presentation and exchange of information about the history and art of the Baule peoples of West Africa.  Links are provided here to current and past research when it is accessible in online image, video or text formats.] 


Guinea – c. 1613 – Mercator-Hondius, Amsterdam
Seventeenth century Dutch map of West Africa with insert of Isle St. Thome.

The Baule peoples inhabit what is now the central part of the Ivory Coast in West Africa. Dutch maps of the seventeenth century begin to designate a place name or a group name — “Bacorees” — that may well refer to these peoples, but more research is required on the pre-colonial history of the Baule to be able to conclude this with greater certainty.   [T. C. Weiskel, (1978). The Precolonial Baule: A Reconstruction (Le Baule précolonial: Reconstruction). Cahiers D’Études Africaines, 18 (72), 503-560.  Available online from   This Mercator-Hondius map uses the term “Bacorees” to name a region or people to the interior of the of what became known during the slave trade as the “Ivory Coast.”]


It is regrettable, however, that as yet little is known in detail about the history of the Baule prior to the military occupation of their territory by the French at the end of the 19th century.  Efforts were made at that time and in the early 20th century by French observers to record contemporary political information and establish an account of the prior history of the region, largely through the work of Maurice Delafosse, an early colonial officer in the Ivory Coast.

Recently, admirable historical research has been conducted to assemble and assess the various accounts of oral traditions collected over much of the twentieth century concerning the circumstances of their emergence as a group during the period of the Atlantic slave trade.  [See particularly, F. Viti, (2009). Les ruses de l’oral, la force de l’écrit. Le mythe baule d’Aura Poku (The Smartness of Orality, the Power of Literacy. The Baule Myth of Aura Poku).Cahiers D’Études Africaines, 49(196), 869-892.  Available online from ].

As the Dutch maps became more elaborate the place name or people name was repeated in map after map, sometimes with smaller lettering, sometimes with larger letters.  A more detailed coastal map of


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What is 5G? Euronews explain

euronews (in English)

Published on Dec 30, 2019

After years of tests and experiments, the fifth generation of telecommunication systems — 5G — is scheduled to be introduced on a large scale in Europe in 2020.
But what exactly is 5G and how will it change our lives?

Chinese government moves to boost auto consumption

Can journalists save the planet from climate change disaster?


Dec 28, 2019

You heard news in 2019 about more epic forest fires, of the loss of many of the oceans coral reefs and of more glaciers falling into the sea. As Planet Earth reaches the global warming brink, journalists are striving to translate the impact of climate change and hold the powerful accountable. Meet two of them in this forum hosted at MIT: Propublica’s Lisa Song and The New York Times’ Kendra Pierre-Louis discuss the media’s role in illuminating environmental issues, promoting environmental justice and ethics, and the future of climate journalism. Beth Daley, Editor and General Manager for The Conversation, moderates. Thumbnail image: National Park Service, Mountaineering ranger on mountaineering patrol on the remote Dall Glacier in the western Alaska Range.WGBH Forum Network ~ Free online lectures: Explore a world of ideas

World’s Oceans Losing Oxygen At Alarming Rate Thanks To Climate Change

The Ring of Fire
Dec 29, 2019

In a little-noticed but incredibly alarming study released earlier this month, the International Union For Conservation of Nature reported that the world’s oceans are losing oxygen at an alarming rate. The main culprit? Climate change. While warming waters aren’t the only problem, they are certainly one of the leading causes of the deoxygenation of our oceans. Ring of Fire’s Farron Cousins discusses the new report.

Made In Africa : Immersion chez le chocolatier Cémoi à Abidjan.

RTI Officiel

Apr 13, 2019

Enquête sur le marché du chocolat. En Côte d’Ivoire, à l’image du Continent, on consomme très peu de chocolat. Immersion chez le chocolatier Cémoi qui a installé la première chocolaterie à Abidjan.

Made In Africa : Le marché du chocolat en Côte d’Ivoire et au Togo

RTI Officiel

Apr 15, 2019

Bienvenue sur la chaîne officielle Youtube du Groupe RTI .

Made In Africa sur le marché du Transport Lagunaire

RTI Officiel

988K subscribers

Bienvenue sur la chaîne officielle Youtube du Groupe RTI .

La Côte d’Ivoire Coloniale 1893-1960


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