God and War at Yale

Yale Divinity School

The Public Witness and Ministry of William Sloane Coffin, Jr.

An associated panel sponsored by Historians Against the War, Reclaiming the Prophetic Voice, Yale Alumni for Social Justice, Yale Peace Coalition.

Webcast made available through courtesy of Radio Free Maine. Presentation may be purchased in a variety of video and audio formats by contacting Radio Free Maine at rleisnerrfm or by writing to: Roger Leisner, Radio Free Maine, P.O. Box 2705, Augusta, Maine 04338.

Event Speaker(s):

Panel Members in order of appearance:

Rev. Frederick J. Streets
chaplain of Yale University

David McDonough
Grandson of the late Dave Dellinger, who was a lifelong non-violent activist and key figure in the anti-war movement. Mr. McDonough attends Wheaton College.

David Mitchell
Vietnam War draft resister who served two years in jail.

Staughton Lynd
Professor of History at Yale, 1964-67.

Michael Ferber
Professor of English at the University of New

Warren Goldstein
Professor and Chair of History at the University of Hartford. Author of William Slone Coffin: A Holy Impatience (Yale University Press).

William Sloane Coffin
Jr., Yale University Chaplain, 1958-1975

Rev. Allie Perry
Served as adjunct faculty at Yale Divinity School, ordained
minister in the United Church of Christ,.

Recorded: Thursday, April 28, 2005 – 6:00pm

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