FCC Chair Ajit Pai Unveils Plan to End Net Neutrality


h06 ajit pai fcc

Nov 22, 2017

Elsewhere in Washington, D.C., FCC chair Ajit Pai unveiled a plan Tuesday to roll back net neutrality—reversing Obama-era rules barring corporate service providers from blocking access to websites, slowing down content or providing paid fast lanes for internet service. The plan is slated to face a vote in an FCC meeting on December 14, where all three Republican-appointed commissioners on the five-member FCC support ending net neutrality. Reaction to the announcement was swift. Former FCC commissioner Michael Copps tweeted, “This is an FCC chair gone rogue. How can one person be so zealous in dismantling the entire communications ecosystem and endangering our democracy?” Net Neutrality activists have launched a campaign to pressure lawmakers to intervene and are planning protests in cities across the U.S. on December 7th, when they’ll march from Verizon stores to the offices of members of Congress. We’ll have more on Net Neutrality later in the broadcast.

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