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Natural Capital


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Miracle of agroforestry : abundance for all

L’Appel De Mongo
Published on Dec 24, 2016
How to restore tropical forests while producing abundance for all mankind?
Discover the validated practical solution of an agricultural farm that uses the natural propensity of the rainforest to produce abundance to associate it with edible cultivation. The result: an organic production of exceptional quality with extraordinary yields!
But find out why this vital information is masked by the media, why this revolutionary agroforestry as well as agroecology in general are blocked by international institutions despite their indisputable performance and their ability to ensure global food security.
It is Bill Gates, the “benefactor of humanity”, who will give you the best answer by his will to promote GMOs of Monsanto to drown the agroecology in the bud.

More informations in our web site (french) : http://www.lappeldemongo.org/