“Paradise Papers” Reveal Massive Tax Evasion by World’s Wealthiest

Nov 06, 2017

Shocking new revelations reveal the ways the world’s richest men stash away billions of dollars in wealth in offshore tax havens. The revelations, known as the Paradise Papers, came in 13.4 million leaked documents published over the weekend revealing how the Bermudan law firm Appleby helps corporations and the world’s wealthiest people evade taxes and obscure their ownership of everything from private planes to whole companies.

Among those implicated is Wilbur Ross, who continued to invest in a shipping company tied to Russian President Vladimir Putin’s son-in-law even after he became President Trump’s commerce secretary. The shipping company Navigator Holdings is also linked to a Russian oligarch subject to U.S. sanctions.

The files also implicate Trump’s secretary of state, Rex Tillerson; his chief economic adviser, Gary Cohn; Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin; Jon Huntsman, Trump’s new U.S. ambassador to Russia; and Carl Icahn, Trump’s billionaire former adviser. We’ll have more on the Paradise Papers later in the broadcast.


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