2030 mass extinction now so obvious but politicians and their MSM are in denial – -Michael Ruppert


Published on Sep 23, 2016

People’s Administration – MAINSTREAM UK party for Direct Democracy via Web and Phone: http://www.PAparty.co.uk
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Our current fears are distracting us from acknowledging an even greater threat that is already under-way and, a threat that amounts to an extinction level event that will see ALL humans extinct within just a few years. CO2-induced methane release under the melting ice caps means that human extinction is already under-way and that without sudden and massive intervention, humans will be extinct and, many scientists [including NASA] and professors believe by as early as 2030.

FULL ARTICLE – Methane Release and Human Extinction in 2030:

However, on behalf of cowardly Western politicians, the BBC etc operate a news blackout against NASA’s methane release and human extinction report and, the MSM also operates a blackout against the PA and our potential solution for methane release and human extinction. At the same time, Russian politicians and their state media have been open about methane release and human extinction since 2014 – which is how we first learned about it.

Therefore, direct democracy in the West is the ONLY solution for methane release and human extinction in 2030 and, whether you choose to use it to save yourselves or not will be down to nothing more than your own currently existing freedom to choose how you vote. If humans survive methane release and human extinction in 2030, it will be because they chose to save themselves by reforming to true and direct democracy before 2020 and so will have nothing to do with God or, with corrupt, oppressive, psychopathic but freely-elected politicians.


Human Extinction By 2030

Published on Apr 20, 2014

Aired 2014. Michael Craig Ruppert was an American investigative journalist best known as the editor of the newsletter From The Wilderness and author of the 2004 book Crossing The Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of Oil.

“The carnage that is human industrial civilization continues absolutely unabated and unrestrained.”
-Michael Craig Ruppert

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