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Noam Chomsky August 26, 2017 – Surviving the 21st Century

Noam Chomsky

Published on Aug 25, 2017

Hurricane Harvey upgraded to Category 4 storm, Texas evacuations ordered

The National

Published on Aug 25, 2017

Large parts of Texas are under a mandatory evacuation order after Hurricane Harvey was upgraded to a Category 4 storm on Friday.

Noam Chomsky (2017) “Making The Future: Hopes and Challenges” New Interview with Wallace Shawn

Noam Chomsky Videos

Published on Aug 25, 2017

Date — April 3, 2017
Starts at 4:51
Chomsky at 7:05

With Trump in Charge, Heightened Fears of a Hurricane Harvey Petrochemical Nightmare | Common Dreams

“There is a huge environmental risk to this storm,” writes The New Republic‘s Emily Atkins. (Photo: NASA/Twitter)

Texas is bracing for potentially “catastrophic” flooding as Hurricane Harvey is set to make landfall Friday, and many are raising concerns that given the state’s role as the heart of the petrochemical industry, the storm could create a “nightmare situation” for the environment—one that the Trump administration’s aggressive deregulatory agenda will only make worse.

“This is an environmental justice issue.”
—Judith Enck, former EPA administrator Writing for The New Republic, Emily Atkins highlights the devastating impact Hurricane Sandy—a Category 1 Hurricane—had in several states in 2012, and underlines the fact that Harvey now threatens as a Category 3 storm.

“In the devastating wake of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, parts of the East Coast were left not only demolished, but polluted,” Atkins observes. Wastewater treatment plants lost power and discharged 11 billion gallons of sewage into receiving waters.”

Harvey, environmentalists and researchers worry, could be even more devastating—”a huge pollution disaster,” Atkins writes. As Reuters reported Friday, oil prices are beginning to surge as the petroleum industry prepares for the hurricane’s impact.

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Corporate Polluters, Scammers, and Criminals See Big Trump Benefits

Oliver Stone – The Untold History of The US – How the US government works


Published on Apr 6, 2016

Bush & Obama – Age of Terror

In it,Oliver Stone and his collaborators focuses the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan during the Bush administration.It presents how many American lives were lost as well as the torture incidents that American soldiers were involved in.As for the conspiracies involved,it also presents the personal motive of Bush was more of a personal vendetta against Saddam Hussein rather than catching the terrorist who are guilty of the September 11 attacks in New York.Added to that,it also tries to portray how the Bush administration tried to manipulate the terror warnings to the Americans to fulfill their political motives.

Interior Dept. to Reduce Size of National Monuments, Open Lands to Exploitation + Brazilian President Abolishes Vast Reserve of Amazon Rainforest

Aug 25, 2017

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke on Thursday recommended shrinking the size of several national monuments, while leaving open the prospect of allowing drilling, mining, and other industries in the protected sites. The Trump administration has yet to release details of the plans, which could affect up to 27 national monuments, and secretary Zinke said only he was recommending changes to a “handful” of sites. In a statement, the Center for Biological Diversity said, “Trump and Zinke are hiding the report so they don’t have to face public backlash for trying to sell out America’s public lands to fossil fuel development and logging. They’re asking for a court battle. And they’ll get one.”


Aug 25, 2017

Meanwhile, in Brazil, president Michel Temer has abolished a vast reserve of tropical rainforest, in what conservationists are calling the “biggest attack on the Amazon of the last 50 years.” The move ends protections for the Renca reserve, a swath of rainforest the size of Denmark, and paves the way for road-building, mining, and logging.