Smith School of Enterprise and Environment

SSEE-500The Smith School of Enterprise and the Environment is a leading interdisciplinary academic hub focused upon teaching, research, and engagement with enterprise on climate change and long-term environmental sustainability. It works with social enterprises, corporations, and governments; it seeks to encourage innovative solutions to the apparent challenges facing humanity over the coming decades; its strengths lie in environmental economics and policy, enterprise management, and financial markets and investment.

These strengths are complemented by close ties with the physical and social sciences, and especially the research and teaching programmes of the School of Geography and the Environment, the Environmental Change Institute, and the Transport Studies Unit. In conjunction with the Saïd Business School’s Executive Education Board, it offers a variety of ExEd programmes to industry on a local, UK and Europe, and international basis ranging from certificate to short-courses and the MSc and MBA.

Engagement with enterprise is an important goal of the Smith School. This takes a variety of forms including research and teaching in areas such as environmental liabilities and market pricing, supply-chain management, and long-term sustainable investment. Engagement provides Oxford academics and students ways in which to better understand the significance of enterprise in promoting solutions to long-term environmental problems while offering independent research and advice on matters like environmental strategy, corporate governance, and long-term innovation.

This involves student-led group projects, company-based research programmes, and the visiting business fellows that come to the University so as to deepen and complement our knowledge and understanding. The goal of the Smith School is to promote the highest quality research and education in the field as well as innovative solutions to some of the most significant global environmental challenges facing the modern firm.

Paris and Beyond – Pragmatic Climate Policy

Hilary Term weeks 1-8 | Wednesdays 5-6:30pm | Beckit Room | OUCE | South Parks Rd | Oxford | Ox1 3QY

Following the agreement between Presidents Obama and Xi Jinping on carbon caps, the focus of climate change negotiations is focussed on the Paris Conference of the Parties in December 2015. This seminar series looks at the big issues at Paris, the chances of success, the possible shape of an agreement, whether it will have much impact, what the alternative approaches are, and what lies beyond in technology and climate change policy.

Global Climate Change
Environment Ethics
Environment Justice

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