REconomy Comes to the US | Transition US

REconomy Comes to the US

Transition US is part of a group of five national Transition hubs (along with Portugal, Germany, Brazil, and Mexico) who are receiving mentoring and support from Transition Network to bring the award-winning REconomy Project to the US. We’re the second cohort of national hubs to engage in this work – last year Transition Network partnered with Italy, Croatia, Belgium, Latvia, and the Netherlands.

Launched in Transition Town Totnes, UK, REconomy is intended to bring forth a new economic vision that aligns with Transition values, supported by tangible measures and strategic thinking around needs and resources for developing Transition-oriented enterprises.

Like Transition itself, REconomy looks different in each country and community. For example, in Portugal REconomy will combine with “One Year in Transition” to create leadership and employment opportunities for youth. Transition Mexico will host a market for sharing, swapping, and selling locally-produced goods. And each country’s economic context is dramatically different (click here to read short profiles of the five countries included in last year’s REconomy cohort).

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