Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant Rakes in $3 Million from Shares As Biotech Giant Continues Destroying Planet | Alternet
AlterNet / By Alex Kane

Monsanto CEO Hugh Grant sold 30,000 shares of stock in Monsanto in January, netting over $3 million.

Members of Occupy Wall Street Maui protesting at Monsanto in Kihei.
Photo Credit: Viriditas/Wikimedia Commons

January 28, 2013 |

The head of agribusiness giant Monsanto is raking in cash while his company continues to help destroy the environment.

Barron’s reports that Chief Executive Officer Hugh Grant sold 30,000 shares of stock in Monsanto on January 22. That sale netted over $3 million. “Grant’s direct holdings now stand at 423,382 shares, a stake of less than 1% of Monsanto. He also holds 120,000 shares through a trust alongside 6,689 shares through a 401(k),” reports Barron’s. ….(more).

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