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The Untold History of the United States ~ Chapter 1 – World War II

Sandy Almendarez·54 videos

Published on Dec 7, 2012

“Those who cannot remember the past are doomed to repeat it.” ~George Santayana (1863–1952)

Chapter 1 ~ World War II — “Narrated by Oliver Stone, this new one-hour series features human events that at the time went under reported, but crucially shaped America’s unique and complex history. The first chapter explores the birth of the American Empire by focusing on Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill and Joseph Stalin. Through examination of key decisions during World War II, discover unsung heroes such as American Henry Wallace and explore the demonization of the Soviets.” (source: www.sho.com)

“I found this online as a torrent, and uploaded it without explicit permission. The second episode is nowhere to be found. You can, in theory, view it on Showtime On Demand, though that doesn’t seem to work outside the USA.”

God Bless The United States of America!

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BBC News – Met Office: 2012 was UK’s second wettest year on record

3 January 2013 Last updated at 10:07 ETBy Mark Kinver Environment reporter, BBC News

A look back at a year of extreme weather

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The past 12 months were the second wettest on record in the UK, according to data released by the Met Office.

The total rainfall for the UK during 2012 was 1,330.7mm (52.4in), just 6.6mm short of the record set in 2000.

Most areas were affected by the extreme weather, with thousands of homes flooded and farmers struggling to grow crops in the saturated soil.

The latest data comes as analysis says the frequency of extreme rainfall in the UK may be increasing.                  …(more).

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BBC News – Australia bushfires: Thousands stranded in Tasmania

5 January 2013 Last updated at 23:12 ET

Much of Australia is experiencing a heatwave, as Nick Bryant reports

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Rescue teams in the Australian state of Tasmania are searching for missing people after bushfires swept the island.

Thousands of people have been stranded and at least 100 homes destroyed.

Much of Australia is experiencing a heatwave, and temperatures in the Tasmanian state capital Hobart earlier reached a record high of 41C.

A fall in temperatures and easing wind speeds are expected to help fire crews still battling several major fires.

But thousands remain in evacuation centres as dozens of fires continue to burn out of control.

The BBC’s Nick Bryant in Sydney says large swathes of south-east Australia are suffering from the worst fire conditions since the Black Saturday disaster almost four years ago, when 173 people in rural Victoria lost their lives.

He says there has been a combination of a record-breaking heatwave, high winds and drought, with Tasmania by far the worst hit.            …(more).

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Suzuki: It’s time to take global warming seriously | Column | Opinion | Sudbury Star



2012 was the hottest year recorded | WWLP.COM


Updated: Friday, 04 Jan 2013, 9:15 PM EST
Published : Friday, 04 Jan 2013, 7:42 PM EST

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) – It may be cold now but 2012 was the warmest year on record especially for us here in the northeast.

According to the Northeast Regional Climate Center, for most major cities 2012 was the “hottest” year ever recorded.

In New England, Boston; Worcester; Hartford, Connecticut and Burlington, Vermont all broke the record for the warmest annual temperature last year.