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WATCH: Buttigieg commits to reparations for African Americans, compensation for family separation

PBS NewsHour

Dec 19, 2019

Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg says he is committed to giving financial compensation and a fast-track to citizenship to the thousands of children who were separated from their families at the Southern border. On reparations for the descendants of enslaved people, the mayor of South Bend, Indiana, says that he supports HR 40, a bill proposed to establish a commission to look at reparations and to consider a “national apology.” But, he said, we shouldn’t wait for that bill to do things that are reparative. Buttigieg is one of the seven Democrats vying for their party’s 2020 presidential nomination who met on the stage for the sixth Democratic debate on Dec. 19, hosted by the PBS NewsHour and POLITICO.

WATCH: Sanders calls for ‘a revolution in education’ | Sixth Democratic debate

PBS NewsHour

Dec 19, 2019

On education, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., says the United States needs to end the “dysfunctional child care system,” make public colleges and universities tuition free and cancel all student debt in America by taxing billionaires and taxing Wall Street. Sanders is one of the seven Democrats vying for their party’s 2020 presidential nomination who met on the stage for the sixth Democratic debate on Dec. 19, hosted by the PBS NewsHour and POLITICO.

Climate change: Five things we’ve learned from Madrid talks – BBC News


16 December 2019    Matt McGrath Environment correspondent @mattmcgrathbbc

At the conclusion of UN climate talks in Madrid, our environment correspondent Matt McGrath considers the key lessons.

1. Leadership is REALLY important

COP25 in Madrid only happened because the Chilean government, faced with mounting civil disorder, decided to cancel the meeting in Santiago.

Spain stepped in and in three weeks organised a well-resourced and well-run event.

However, the fact that it was being run by one government, while hosted by another, gave rise to severe difficulties.

Delegates were highly critical of the fact that when it came to the key text about ambition, the Chileans presented the lowest common denominator language first, resulting in a huge number of objections from countries eager to see more ambition on carbon cuts.

Experienced COP watchers said they should have started with high ambition and negotiated down to a compromise.

Insiders say that agreement was only found because of the influence of Spanish minister Teresa Ribera who played a key role in bringing parties together during the long, last night of negotiations.


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WATCH: Sanders says climate change will hurt people of color the most | Sixth Democratic debate

PBS NewsHour

Dec 19, 2019

To debate moderator Amna Nawaz’s question, what message does it send that the Democratic presidential field is overwhelmingly white, Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., began speaking about climate change. When Nawaz pressed him to respond to the original question on race, he said, “People of color are going to be the ones suffering the most if we do not deal with climate change.” Sanders is one of the seven Democrats vying for their party’s 2020 presidential nomination who met on the stage for the sixth Democratic debate on Dec. 19, hosted by the PBS NewsHour and POLITICO.

The fight to stop Venice from flooding – BBC News

BBC News

Dec 18, 2019

It’s a month since high tides struck Venice, causing devastating flooding. The city’s mayor estimated damage at over a billion euros. A system of floodgates called MOSE, under construction for years, should have prevented the disaster. But it’s been delayed and mired in corruption. So is MOSE the lifeline Venice needs – or is it doomed to failure?

Mass Media Expo: This is What Democracy Looks Like


Dec 19, 2019

Media’s role in the democratic process is more essential and influential than ever—from viral think pieces, to films as a key tool in moving policy initiatives, and live streamed town hall debates. How filmmakers, storytellers, and journalists engage to enlighten and inform is vital in a participatory media culture where communications are shared, commented, memed, and weaponized for good and bad intentions.

Our accelerated media paradigm has irrevocably changed the political landscape and is influencing voters on divisive and complicated issues. Is it helping or hurting the cause of democracy and social good? Are the values of a democratic society being advanced, allowing new voices to emerge, and bringing us together–or are we sliding into a protracted age of divisive rhetoric and inaction driven by micro-targeted technology undermining the possibilities of citizen participation?

Panelists include Jodi Rave Spotted Bear, T. Woody Richman, Hedrick Smith, Chris Hastings and moderator Lise Balk King.

See more talks from the 2019 Mass Media Expo: https://forum-network.org/partner/mas

See more talks from the 2019 Mass Media Expo: https://forum-network.org/partner/mas…

US President Donald Trump impeached – BBC News

BBC News

Dec 19, 2019

Donald Trump has become only the third US president to be impeached. The Democrat-controlled House of Representatives last night approved two charges — setting up a trial next month in the Senate — but the Senate is dominated by Republicans — so the President is almost certain to remain in office. Mr Trump denies abusing his power and obstructing Congress — and says the process is a witch hunt. Huw Edwards presents the latest from the BBC’s North America Jon Sopel, on BBC News at Ten.

9/11: An Architect’s Guide – Part 3: The Twin Towers and Extreme Heat (12/19/19 Webinar – R Gage)


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Adrianna Quintero: Talking about Race Means Facing our Biases

Climate One

Dec 19, 2019

A learning mindset is key to making change in racism and classism, says Adrianna Quintero, Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion at the Energy Foundation. Especially for predominantly white organizations, it’s important to realize you don’t have all the answers, says Quintero.

2019 In Review: Facing The Climate Crisis


Dec 19, 2019

Greater Boston takes a look back at the major stories of the year. In this segment: a review of the impending climate crisis, a growing global movement to fight it, and the young people leading the charge. Jim Braude was joined by Jennifer Braceras, a conservative guest columnist for the Boston Globe and director of the Independent Women’s Law Center; Shannon O’Brien, former state treasurer and former Democratic gubernatorial candidate; and Tina Opie, associate professor, Babson College.