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Is journalism dead in America?

RT America
Published on Dec 27, 2019

John Huddy talks to media analyst Lionel about whether or not journalism in America is dead.

The Lost City in the Amazon rainforest | O’Hanlon’s Heroes | VPRO Documentary

vpro documentary

Published on Dec 27, 2019
In the eighth (and final) episode of the first season, O’Hanlon travels behind the explorer Percy Fawcett (1867 – 1925). Fawcett is a British explorer. At the request of the Bolivian government, he carried out land measurements in the border area of Bolivia and Brazil. He investigated the architecture of the Incas and went on an expedition to a so-called hidden city deep in the Amazon. He never returned.

We are about to travel to a pristine piece of nature: the Amazon rainforest. There, where Redmond lives up and where his hero Percy Fawcett in 1925 led him, along with his son, in search of a lost city in the middle of the jungle.

The British Fawcett had read about this in an old manuscript. In it, a Portuguese explorer wrote in 1753 about a city with gold and silver mines in the middle of the Amazon, an El Dorado.

The details of the city are described in detail, unfortunately the exact location is not. Fawcett and his son searched but never returned from the expedition. There was not even a trace left of them. The irony of being an explorer who has not discovered anything. Or he has discovered something but has never been able to document it. Our curiosity has in any case been triggered by it and we are about to dive into the Amazon region.

Original title: Op zoek naar een verdwenen stad Author and adventurer Redmond O’Hanlon follows in the footsteps of his nineteenth century heroes: explorers who traveled the world and made the wildest discoveries.

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David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg’s plea for the planet

World Economic Forum

Published on Sep 19, 2019

‘We’ve stolen our children’s future,’ says Jane Goodall, ‘and we’re still stealing it.’ From disappearing species to plastic pollution and our disastrously weak attempts to recycle it, here’s what the top voices on climate change – from Sir David Attenborough to Jane Goodall to Greta Thunberg – have to say about the planet’s escalating biodiversity crisis.

Sir David Attenborough, Jane Goodall and Greta Thunberg are joined in this global call for action by Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, the United Nations’ Cristiana Pasca Palmer, Daniela Fernandez of Sustainable Ocean Action, Brune Poirson, Malek Sukkar and Heather Koldewey.

Now you’ve seen the story, don’t stay silent. Raise your #VoiceForThePlanet and join the call for urgent action.

For more information on the campaign, visit www.voicefortheplanet.org.

A #NatureNow message from Greta Thunberg

WWF International

Sep 20, 2019

#NatureNow, a new short film narrated by Greta Thunberg and political journalist, author and activist George Monbiot, serves as a call to action to protect, restore and fund #NaturalClimateSolutions. Credits: Tom Mustill/ www.grippingfilms.com

Special Issue on Baule Aesthetics. 5.) Baule statuary art: Meaning and Modernization 6) Beauty in the Eyes of the Baule: Aesthetics and Cultural Values. Working papers in the traditional arts; no. 5-6: Philip L Ravenhill, Susan Mullin Vogel



Special Issue on Baule Aesthetics. 5.) Baule statuary art: Meaning and Modernization 6) Beauty in the Eyes of the Baule: Aesthetics and Cultural Values. Working papers in the traditional arts; no. 5-6

Michael Moore: Maybe we owe it to young people to vote Bernie

Democracy Now!  27 Dec. 2019

Bernie Sanders has the most youth support of any 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful. Filmmaker Michael Moore says older voters may “owe it to these young people to get behind the person they want.” He says people of his generation were supposed to leave behind a better country and a better planet, but they failed to do so. “The youngest people want the oldest person. Why?” asks Moore. “I think it’s because they know their future is screwed.”

Common destiny- Episode One: Seeing the World


CGTN   Published on Dec 27, 2019
In the 70-year history of the People’s Republic of China, the country has been developing by connecting with the world. China has created an unprecedented development miracle, especially during the last 40 years of reform and opening-up. In recent years, China has maintained its top spot as the country with the highest number of outbound tourists. In 2018, this figure reached 150 million. At the same time, the number of Chinese studying abroad and Chinese enterprises expanding overseas has also increased significantly. China’s development has also attracted a large number of foreigners. In 2018, more than 490,000 foreign students from 196 countries and regions were studying in China. Moreover, more foreigners are coming to China to work and even setting up businesses. Relevant Chinese government departments have introduced new policies and measures to better manage entry and exit from China.