Can journalists save the planet from climate change disaster?


Dec 28, 2019

You heard news in 2019 about more epic forest fires, of the loss of many of the oceans coral reefs and of more glaciers falling into the sea. As Planet Earth reaches the global warming brink, journalists are striving to translate the impact of climate change and hold the powerful accountable. Meet two of them in this forum hosted at MIT: Propublica’s Lisa Song and The New York Times’ Kendra Pierre-Louis discuss the media’s role in illuminating environmental issues, promoting environmental justice and ethics, and the future of climate journalism. Beth Daley, Editor and General Manager for The Conversation, moderates. Thumbnail image: National Park Service, Mountaineering ranger on mountaineering patrol on the remote Dall Glacier in the western Alaska Range.WGBH Forum Network ~ Free online lectures: Explore a world of ideas

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