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NOW | God and Global Warming | PBS

26 October 2007

Evangelicals and scientists travel to Homer, Alaska to find common ground on global warming amongst local pastors. This web-exclusive special footage is related to the NOW on PBS program “God and Global Warming” airing Friday, October 26 (check local listings). The show, which can be viewed from the NOW website,

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God and Global Warming . NOW | PBS (2007)





In August, NOW traveled with an unlikely alliance of Evangelical Christians and leading scientists to witness the breathtaking effects of global warming on Alaska’s rapidly changing environment. Though many in the evangelical community feel recognition of global warming is in opposition to their mission, the week-long trip inspired new thinking on the relationship between science and religion, and on our moral responsibility to protect the planet. Travel with NOW and the expeditionary group on a breathtaking and surprising journey to find common ground between earth and sky.

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COP 25 climate talks end with no deal on carbon markets

FRANCE 24 English   Published on Dec 15, 2019
A marathon UN summit wrapped up Sunday with little to show, squeezing hard-earned compromises from countries over a global warming battle plan that fell well short of what science says is needed to tackle the climate crisis.

Big Electroquakes, Magnetic Reversal Climate, Dusty Plasma | S0 News.Dec.15.2019


Dec 15, 2019

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Watch live: COP25 negotiators in last-ditch push to salvage climate summit

euronews (in English)
15 Dec. 2019

LIVE: COP25 draws to a close with final plenary session


15 Dec. 2019

Subscribe to our channel! rupt.ly/subscribe The UN Climate Change Conference (COP25) wraps up in Madrid with a closing plenary session on Saturday, December 14, following 10 days of events to discuss ways of tackling the climate crisis. The conference was originally scheduled to be held in Santiago, Chile, but due to ongoing protests, the event was moved to Madrid under the presidency of Chile.

Dr Peter Carter | Expert IPPC Reviewer | COP25

Extinction Rebellion

Dec 14, 2019

Dr. Peter Carter is founder of the Climate Emergency Institute and has served as an expert reviewer for the IPCC. (abridged version; original here: https://youtu.be/oa13KrOvE2s) https://www.climateemergencyinstitute… Interviewed by Nick Breeze (@NickGBreeze) at COP25 in Madrid, December 2019