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Fox News climate denial and conspiracy theories in 2019


Published on Dec 21, 2019

In 2019, Fox took climate change denial to insane new levels even as global temperatures reached record heights, natural disasters wreaked havoc, and youth environmental activism led millions of people in protests around the world. Even if you just look at news of the past few weeks, Australia is on fire, the oceans are running out of oxygen, and the Amazon rainforest is at a “tipping point.”

The climate denial narratives on Fox run the gamut from claims that “there’s science on both sides of this issue” to dismissals of the climate crisis as “medieval witchcraft.” Naturally, the hosts and guests also pushed a number of right-wing agenda items like government deregulation and protecting the wealthy.

Of course, Fox host Tucker Carlson managed to bring discussion of the issue back to his own racist agenda, noting in one segment that “more people were killed last year in the United States by illegal aliens than were killed by climate change.”

New Climate Model Predicts Alarming Levels of Global Heating

The Real News Network

374K sPublished on Dec 10, 2019

Dr. Neil Swart of the Canadian Center for Climate Modelling & Analysis says a new model predicts nearly 8°C of heating by 2100 in a high emissions scenario.

Europe’s Kids Ask “Can we make a Machine to Save Our Planet?” at COP25 Madrid Spain: Part 3 of 3

Paul Beckwith

Published on Dec 21, 2019

I am extremely happy and grateful to post this third video of three from my adventures in Madrid, Spain at COP25. My friend Alfonso Soria put out the word to his many teacher friends across Europe that climate scientist Paul was in Madrid. Teachers in different countries recorded their kids (of all different ages) asking me questions on global warming/climate. The questions were awesome! Enjoy this holiday treat; I found it very touching. Thank you kids and teachers!!

Seven killed as storm Elsa batters southern Europe

euronews (in English)

Published on Dec 21, 2019

Storm Elsa has brought strong gusts of wind up to 160 kph, causing floods, roadblocks, falling trees, persistent blackouts and flight diversions. …

Macron visits troops stationed in Ivory Coast

FRANCE 24 English
Published on Dec 21, 2019

Ivory Coast welcomes Emmanuel Macron as he makes his traditional Christmas visit to French troops in Africa. Also, ex-President François Bozizé has returned to Central African Republic after 7 years in exile. His ouster ushered in one of the most brutal periods of violence in the country’s history. And we’ll speak to author and activist Siddharth Kara about DR Congo cobalt mining deaths. An unknown number of children are being killed or maimed in the frenzy to extract the mineral. Kara has helped launch a landmark class action lawsuit on behalf of the families against US tech giants.

COSMIC LIGHTNING | Real Then, Real Now


Published on Dec 21, 2019

Dr. Schoch’s interview is found starting about midway through here: https://youtu.be/f_QQpntCulU

Full Movie – COSMIC DISASTER: https://youtu.be/B_zfMyzXqfI [ Short Version https://youtu.be/PjEj8DdFQ1A ]

Our Fight With Harvard: https://youtu.be/qiSDJbqAfh4 #1 Journal Decided the Winner: https://youtu.be/4OU9AZPNKWI

Nova Triggers: https://youtu.be/Wo3k9p2gYzE

CIA Coverup: https://youtu.be/WtbbOsAivK4

Timing: https://youtu.be/ZD47kvu7q2Q

Does Dzhanibekov Effect Apply? https://youtu.be/E31FHHH9is4 https://youtu.be/1UJKZTjGCss

What Some of the 100 London Hunger Strikers Had To Say | Extinction Rebellion

Extinction Rebellion   Published on Dec 21, 2019

“This is a way of just peacefully sitting here, informing the public without disrupting them,” Jane explained cheerfully while on day 7 of her hunger strike.

Humanity is at a crossroads as it faces an unprecedented Climate and Ecological Emergency. Here in the UK we joined in the Global Hunger Strike to demand our political leaders act now on the crises we are facing.

With our hunger strike we called for a change in business as usual, for any new Government to make the Climate & Ecological Emergency its highest and most fundamental responsibility.

Through our hunger strike we stood in humble solidarity as we learned to feel what the Global South has been facing for centuries. The risks that their communities families and children have been facing as a daily trauma are now becoming the risks to our communities families and children in Europe too.

Through our hunger strike we demanded a “Politics of Humility” from our politicians and we continue to demand that our Parliament show more humility towards its duties to its citizens rather than being entranced by power, influence and ideologies.

See the Three Demands Bill HERE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1dXZi…

Explosive investigative report says U.S. government misled public on war in Afghanistan

PBS NewsHour

Published on Dec 9, 2019

In a blockbuster story representing the culmination of several years of investigation and pursuit of government documents, The Washington Post reports that U.S. officials have been misleading the American public about the war in Afghanistan for the past 18 years. John Yang talks to The Washington Post’s Craig Whitlock, lead reporter on the story, about what the classified document trove revealed.

Arshak Makichyan, Fridays For Future, Russia, Has Been Sentenced To Six Days In Prison

Extinction Rebellion

Published on Dec 21, 2019


Designing effective regulation 4 carbon markets at the international, national & subnational level

Swiss Network for International Studies

Published on Dec 2, 2019

The complexities of carbon market trading explained in simple fashion. A film produced by the SNIS-funded project “Designing effective regulation for carbon markets at the international, national, and subnational level”