Spanning Oceans – Bridging Traditions: Learning About Global Climate from Oxford, Cambridge, Harvard, Yale… etc. | EV & N #174 | CCTV

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Students can now organize a virtual meta-university with access to online climate lectures at Cambridge, Oxford, Harvard, Yale, etc.

In fact, there now exists significant potential in creating virtual inter-collegiate communities through mobilizing the internet to connect and enhance existing educational institutions which have enormous resources to share among their combined faculty, students and past alumni.  For example, in 2013, Balliol College, under the Master, Sir Drumond Bone, celebrated the 750th anniversary of its foundation.

Since 2013, internet technology has evolved to such an extent that many of the College’s historically important assets have been able to be shared throughout the world with their evolving online publications including Floreat Domus, their College annual report.

This publication was designed electronically so that whole annual volumes of it can be shared online with the world.  In addition, individual articles can be highlighted, accessed and delivered online for more focused communications between students, scholars and specialists around the world.  In this manner a college which has existed for over 750 years since 1263 CE now has the capability of posting a permanent presence to the world through a “channel” provided a simple internet address like this one:


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