BBC World Service – Newshour, UN climate report warns of disaster

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The UN’s International Panel on Climate Change says the world is on the brink of irrevocable damage, with global warming above 1.5 degrees Celsius now certain without drastic action. Also in the programme; a senior US figure involved in the invasion of Iraq expresses regret for his government’s poor planning. And an iconic Indian cola brand attempts a comeback.

(Picture: File image of a power station. Credit: Getty Creative)

Historical maps and the books they come from underscore the centuries-old crises of coastal settlement in Africa that have become increasingly acute through the successive periods of African history since the 1480s.  From the age of the slave trade itself, to the era of so-called “legitimate” commerce, the period of colonial rule and the most recent stage of African political “independence” the continent of Africa has demonstrated to the world that humankind is in grave danger of the global changes underway in Earth’s changing climate.



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The UN opened its first conference on water security in almost half a century on Wednesday with a plea to governments to better manage one of humanity’s shared resources. Co-chairwoman of the Global Commission on the Economics of Water, Mariana Mazzucato tells Newshour about the scale of the problem.

Also in the programme: Judicial reforms in Israel; and the life-giving molecule found on an asteroid.

(Photo: Haider Jalil, 10, fills a water tank from a truck outside his family home in the village of Al-Bouzayyat which sits on the bank of a former canal which has dried up, in Diwaniya, Iraq. Credit: REUTERS/Alaa Al-Marjani/File Photo)

Facing Future Jan 20, 2023 #Arctic #ClimateRestoration

Beneath the #Arctic, a vast amount of #MethaneHydrate has been safely locked away.

But the ice is thawing fast, and methane, 84 times more potent than CO2, is seeping out. If it reaches a tipping point, the release of a huge amount of that gas will cause a spike in the already dangerous heating of the atmosphere. Can we prepare for such a catastrophic event? Peter Fiekowsky thinks so. He and Peter Wadhams discuss an exciting method of enhancing the natural oxidation of methane with Iron Chloride, which is explained fully in Fiekowsky’s book, #ClimateRestoration, The Only Future that will Sustain the Human Race. Funding this life insurance for the planet is critically needed if we are to avert disaster.

For more about the Climate Restoration Safety and Governance Board:

To order Climate Restoration, The Only Future that will sustain the Human Race:

For Peter Wadham’s Ted Talk and Book:……

For more information on the state of our planet, visit the FacingFuture Library at

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