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From prison to the frontlines: Thousands of Russian convicts sent to fight in Ukraine – YouTube

PBS NewsHour – Mar 3, 2023

Russia sent hundreds of thousands of troops into its war in Ukraine and suffered immense casualties. Some were drawn from prisons, both officially and through a private military company called the Wagner Group. With the support of the Pulitzer Center, Simon Ostrovsky and Yegor Troyanovsky traveled to a Ukrainian prisoner of war camp and met men faced with a stark choice, prison or the frontlines.

Why the Marriage Between Democracy and Capitalism is Coming Undone | Amanpour and Company

Amanpour and Company – Feb 8, 2023


A new book takes a look at the colliding interests of democracies and their economies. In “The Crisis of Democratic Capitalism,” Financial Times commentator Martin Wolf argues that this marriage has hit the rocks. He speaks with Walter Isaacson about where it went wrong — and why it needs to be put back together.

Originally aired on February 8, 2023.

CFS Book Club 📚 Raw Deal: Hidden Corruption, Corporate Greed, and the Fight for the Future of Mea t.

centerforfoodsafety – Mar 3, 2023

Welcome to the first episode of a new series: CFS Book Club 📚

In this series we will highlight authors and books working to educate, expose, and explore our food system, the environment, and human health.

Today we spoke with @csorvino about her book “Raw Deal: Hidden Corruption, Corporate Greed, and the Fight for the Future of Meat”. We also spoke about JBS, the largest protein company in the world, where meat fits into the climate conversation, and how antibiotic resistance endangers meatpacking workers.

Jan. 6 bomb rocks Trump: Feds eye Trump’s lawyers

MSNBC – Mar 3, 2023




The Washington Post reporting Special Counsel Jack Smith is investigating Trump’s lawyers. As the criminal probe intensifies, Trump is releasing a new song in support of January 6th defendants, a collaboration with insurrection inmates. Former federal prosecutor Joyce Vance joins Ari Melber on “The Beat.”

Harvard University | History of the Book at Harvard | The Collector’s Corner with Tim Weiskel (The Ticknor Society, Massachusetts)

On March 1st, the Ticknor Society of Boston announced its March calendar of events in its monthly newsletter. In this newsletter there is an invitation to join the Zoom chat with Tim Weiskel on 21 March 2023 at 6:00pm Eastern Time (USA). This Zoom session is designed to be a conversation with anyone who wishes to join in and ask questions about the presentation Tim offered to the Society posted on YouTube at:

“Book Collecting at the End of Empire and the Coming of the Revolution”

in which he talks about how he became interested books, prints, photographs and historical maps of Africa.

While this posted talk focuses particularly upon African material, it raises more general questions about book collecting at the end of European empires over much of the world and the beginning of the digital revolution in information storage and communication across the globe.

For this reason, the conversation in the 21 March Zoom session will reach well beyond Africa. It is likely to touch upon topics and problems grounded in African history on the one hand to subjects relating more generally to the problems of perserving records of the past in the world that is becoming dominated by electronic information exchange and the preservation challenges of the digital revolution which confront all of us. Who owns this information? Who has access to it? What can we learn from it? How is our understanding of it likely to evolve as new communities come to share access to it or share their experiences about it?


Feel free to join the discussion by clicking on the image here and registering for the event on 21 March 2023, at 6:00pm Eastern Time.