Ethiopic Manuscripts and Global Books with Kristen Herdman: Mondays at Beinecke, June 21, 2021

Beinecke Library at Yale– Jun 23, 2021

Kristen Herdman is a Ph.D. Candidate in the Medieval Studies program.

Her research interests are rooted in art-historical approaches to manuscript studies, with special attention to fifteenth-century medieval devotional books and the complex relationship between text and image. Herdman discusses Ethiopic Manuscripts in the Beinecke Library collections and the overall Global Books initiative:…

Although best known for Western books and manuscripts, the Beinecke has a rich collection of non-Western materials that have been part of its teaching and research collection since the nineteenth century. As part of its Global Books initiative, new pages will be posted approximately every other week that explain the history of these books with extensive images and links to other materials, both in Yale’s collections and beyond. These pages were authored by Herdman under the direction of Ray Clemens, curator of Early Books and Manuscripts.

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