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Floods Batter United States financial capital New York | Latest World English News | WION News

WION74,512 viewsSep 3, 2021
Flash floods from tropical storm Ida swamped New York City. Record rainfall in the city, has prompted an unprecedented flash flood emergency and turned streets into rivers, and shut down subway services as water cascaded down platforms onto tracks.

Americans are Feeling Like We’re Living In the Last Days?

Thom Hartmann ProgramSep 4, 2021
There’s a worldwide pandemic that is killing our children; climate change has drowned the East Coast and the West Coast is on fire and firefighters are battling covid; and a group of rightwing billionaires and religious freaks have seized control of one of our political parties and are hell-bent on pushing us back to the 19th century, crushing democracy and rolling back voting rights while taking ever-more control over women and minorities. This is a true moment of crisis on so many different levels. It’s also a true moment of opportunity.