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Haitian Revolution

Hispaniola was known by its indigenous inhabitants as Ayiti and Quiskeya, and both names are used on the island today. The five Taino kingdoms were sometimes connected through marriage. The wife of the cacique (king) of the Mayaguana kingdom in the middle of the island was Anacoana, the sister of the cacique in Xaragua, the south-eastern peninsula. Anacoana is claimed as a figure of resistance in both Haiti and the Dominican Republic today.

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Looking Back: Farmers’ Agitation Thus Far

NewsClickinSep 26, 2021
Farmers’ organisations as well as central trade unions have given a call for Bharat Bandh tomorrow, September 27. Against this backdrop, NewsClick brings to you a quick recap of the farmers’ unfading movement that has followed the passage of the three controversial farm laws last year.

Solar Wind Watch, Cascadia, Jets, The Core, Mars | S0 News Sep.26.2021

Suspicious0bserversSep 26, 2021
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