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Amhara militia take up arms against Tigray rebels

Associated PressSep 3, 2021
Volunteer fighters in Ethiopia responding to call by regional authorities in the Amhara region to take up arms against the forces of neighbouring Tigray

Anthony Fauci on what it will take to get America vaccinated

CBC News: The NationalSep 3, 2021
Andrew Chang sits down with Dr. Anthony Fauci to discuss the latest vaccination push in the United States and what it will take to get some 80 million Americans inoculated.

Mayhem in Manhattan: State of Emergency declared in New York as flash flooding causes chaos

Sky News AustraliaSep 1, 2021
A state of emergency has been declared in New York City as the remnants of Hurricane Ida sweep through the region.

Social media users have uploaded videos showing the deluge, with New York bearing the brunt of the weather system.

A state of emergency was also declared by New Jersey governor Phil Murphy.

At least one person has drowned, with the city and parts of New Jersey and Connecticut under a flash flood warning.

The National Weather Service’s New York City Twitter account said: “This emergency was issued due to the ongoing life threatening flash flooding. The heaviest rain has pushed east of the Flash Flood Emergency area, with more moderate rainfall the next few hours.”

Flights in and out of Newark airport have been cancelled, and there was widespread disruption on railways.

Newark Liberty Airport’s twitter account said: “We’re experiencing severe flooding due to tonight’s storm. All flight activity is currently suspended & travelers are strongly advised to contact their airline for the latest flight & service resumption information. Passengers are being diverted from ground-level flooded areas.”

Alzheimer’s Disease – The Language Syndrome

University of California Television (UCTV)Sep 3, 2021
Dr. Georges Naasan discusses communication difficulties associated with the language syndrome of Alzheimer’s Disease. Watch the Entire Talk Here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C7NQa… [Show ID: 37334]

Please Note: Knowledge about health and medicine is constantly evolving. This information may become out of date.

More from: Alzheimer’s Disease and Other Neurodegenerative Diseases of the Brain (https://www.uctv.tv/alzheimers-ucsf)

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Labor Shortage & Drought Spark Agro-Tech Innovation

RT AmericaSep 3, 2021
Worsening droughts and an ongoing labor shortage spell trouble for our food supply. Engineer Nick Collins explains how Controlled Environment Agriculture could be the solution as growers turn to hydroponics and vertical farming.

Plus – A word of caution against problem gambling after the Supreme Court permits states to legalize sports wagering.

Dr. Fauci Breaks Down Possible Timeline For Child Vaccines

MSNBCSep 3, 2021
Dr. Fauci explains how and when the Covid vaccine will likely be approved for children under 12 years old.