From Ukraine to Coronavirus: Trump’s Abuse of Power Continues, featuring Robert Reich

Robert Reich

Apr 29, 2020

Former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich explains how the pure madness in America’s response to the coronavirus pandemic — shortages of equipment to protect hospital workers, dwindling supplies of ventilators and critical medications, jaw-dropping confusion over how $2.2 trillion of aid in the recent coronavirus law will be distributed — has given Donald Trump the perfect cover to hoard power and boost his chances of reelection.

As coronavirus cases top one million, the death toll continues to climb, and states are left scrambling for protective gear and crucial resources, Trump is focused on only one thing: himself.

He’s fast-tracked medical supplies to states with governors who are sufficiently “appreciative.”

He’s threatened to force blue states to change their sanctuary city policies in exchange for desperately needed federal aid.

He’s claimed he has “total authority” over when to reopen the economy.

Even in a global pandemic, the chain of command runs straight through Trump’s ego. To our narcissist-in-chief, the coronavirus crisis is just another opportunity.

Watch More: Trump’s Failed Coronavirus Response ►►

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