Taking Stock Of The American Family Farm | On Point


After completing her nightly chores, Meghan Hammond pauses briefly under a brilliant July sunset before heading back home to her farm in Lushton, Nebraska. (Ted Genoways)

US farmers up against it from shifting trade policies to a changing climate. We’ll look at the state of the US frontier now.

September 19, 2017

We know the picture book American family farm is sweeter in the book than in the field. Ag is a big, tough business. No farmer is immune to its tough demands. Nebraskan writer Ted Genoways went back to the farm to ask how all that’s working these days. He’s crafted a remarkable portrait of families in far flung fields, completely plugged in to the world. This hour, On Point: Tough issues down on the farm. Plus, we’ll analyze President Trump’s speech today at the United Nations in New York.


Ted Genoways, author of “This Blessed Earth: A Year In The Life Of An American Family Farm.” Editor-at-large for Pacific Standard Magazine. (@TedGenoways)


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